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Auditions are a prerequisite for acceptance into our long-term programs and serve as a process to ensure proper class placement. Auditions offer applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to our admissions representatives in order to be eligible for a talent-based award on New York Film Academy tuition.

To audition for the New York Film Academy, individuals must submit a program application.

There are three ways to submit an audition:

Step 1 Make an appointment for a specific audition time at any of our campuses.

Step 2 Audition for us at one of our New York Film Academy tour events.

Step 3 If any in-person audition is not possible, applicants may submit an audition via video links (i.e. Youtube or Vimeo) to


Roger Del Pozo
Director of Recruitment


Acting for Film Audition Requirements: To audition for the acting for film conservatory or degree programs at the New York Film Academy, prospective students must submit an application. Applications can be completed online or brought to the audition. There is a $65 application fee required.

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues of approximately 60-90 seconds per monologue.
  • Your monologues must be age appropriate and from a legitimate source material, published play or screenplay.
  • For video submissions please make sure to include your name, the title of the piece you are performing, and the program that you are applying to.
We suggest reading as many plays as possible. This will help you recognize the structure of a good monologue and character arc. We want you to find pieces that excite you, that showcase your unique talent, and that you connect with personally. The more connected you are to the character's circumstances, the more we get to see your talent and personality shine.

Please feel free to contact the admissions office if you have any questions about appropriate material.

Musical Theatre Audition Requirements: Please prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs with musical accompaniment, and one 60-90 second monologue from a published contemporary English language play or screenplay.

New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer