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An audition is not required for admission to The New York Film Academy, however it is highly recommended. The audition serves as a process to ensure proper class placement. If a prospective student chooses not to audition, a formal interview with an academic advisor is required. All admitted students will follow an intensive curriculum designed to launch a career in film and television.

Audition Students have 3 choices:

Step 1 Attend an audition at one of our Audition Tours around the country.

Step 2 Make an appointment for a specific audition time at our New York or Los Angeles campus.

Step 3 Submit a DVD or tape of your audition to:
New York Film Academy
Attn: Audition Track
17 Battery Place

New York, NY 10004

New York Film Academy-LA
Attn: Audition Track
3300 Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91505


Blake Babbitt
Tel.: 212.674.4300     Email:

Joey Zangardi
Tel.: 818.333.3558     Email:


Acting for Film:
Prepare, memorize, and present two one-minute contrasting monologues from either a published play or screenplay.

Musical Theatre:
Prospective Musical Theatre School applicants for the 4-Week Program are expected to prepare a 1-minute monologue from a published American play or film along with two brief contrasting musical theatre songs. Applicants applying to the Musical Theatre School's 1- and 2-year programs must prepare a 2 minute-monologue alongside the aforementioned two songs. Applicants who choose to audition in person must provide their own accompaniment either in the form of a CD or digital music player for their choice of music. In selecting material for the audition, it is crucial to choose pieces that are age and type appropriate and to familiarize oneself with the entirety of the play, screenplay, or libretto before the audition. Applications should be completed online or turned in prior to scheduling an audition. Applicants have the option to schedule an appointment for a particular time at our New York or Los Angeles campus. After completing the audition, an Admissions Representative will contact you with an admissions decision.

New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer