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Hands-on Intensive 4-Week 3D Animation & Visual Effects Workshop

A still from a NYFA 3D animation student project shows an animated mother character in a pink sweater smiling as she stands over a pot on the kitchen stove. A still from a NYFA 3D animation student project shows different views of an alien-like space outfit. A still from a NYFA 3D animation student project shows an animated character in a pink hard hat concentrating at work in front of an industrial light board. A still from a NYFA 3D animation student project shows an other-wordly creature.

4-Week 3D Animation Workshop Overview

The New York Film Academy’s 4-Week 3D Animation Workshop is designed for individuals who want to learn the essentials of 3D animation with high-end 3D computer programs but do not have the time required to devote to full-time study as a year-round student. Students in the 4-Week 3D Animation Workshop will write, animate, direct and edit their own computer-animated short films.

The four-week animation workshop is designed to fit the needs of a variety of students. NYFA’s animation programs are structured to fill in the gaps of knowledge for experienced students while also offering beginners the opportunity to very quickly achieve a competitive level of understanding and skill. Regardless of previous experience, each student designs, animates, and completes her or his own personal 3D computer animated short film. All courses operate according to the Academy’s philosophy of hands-on education, allowing students to learn a large amount and gain practical experience in a compacted timeframe. Topics covered in the workshop include screenwriting and storyboarding, modeling, UV mapping, materials, lighting, rigging, animation, cameras, rendering, and editing and compositing.

4-Week 3D Animation Workshop students learn the fundamentals of 3D animation — movement, weight, timing, character development, and much more — through hands-on experience with the industry-standard Maya software, which has been used in every film to win an Oscar for best visual effects since 1997. Over the course of the four weeks, students quickly develop from learning how to perform basic modeling to creating their own original 3D computer animated film.

The 4-Week 3D animation workshop shares the same focus as every other NYFA program: learning by doing. NYFA animation courses are taught by active professionals in the field, who are able to convey theory as a tool to be used to create great art. The goal is not only to offer students a better understanding of animation, but to empower them to create their own films and pursue a future in the field of animation. Experience is not required, but an interest in animation and a desire to work hard will be necessary to succeed in the workshop.

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