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New York Film Academy Financial Aid

Welcome to the Financial Aid Office!

Driven by a commitment to accessibility, the Financial Aid Office advises applicants and students seeking financial assistance through amenities provided at the highest levels of integrity and adherence to regulatory requirements. Support efforts include:

  • Providing financial assistance and educational funding guidance to applicants seeking to attend a program at New York Film Academy (NYFA)
  • Coaching applicants, students and their families through all aspects of student aid funding for educational programs increasing their awareness of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Listening to all applicants and students, responding professionally to their specific situations providing equal access to all sources of funding that remove financial barriers.
  • Teaching and developing applicant and students’ understanding of the cost of education and the funding sources designed to offset these costs.

  • All need analysis is designed with the premise that meeting the costs of education rests with the applicant and their family. The determination of need evaluates an applicant’s ability to meet these costs recognizing that many families have limited resources and are unable to meet all educational expenses. While not all applicants will qualify for full funding of their cost of education, all applicants are reviewed for all possible resources that may assist with the full cost of attendance. This site was designed to enhance your understanding the financial aid process. We encourage you to browse the entire site as it contains valuable information, not only about the application process, but also the procedures of the NYFA Financial Aid Office. It has been our experience that applicants, students and families who take the time to understand the financial aid process benefit by receiving the maximum amount of financial aid for which they are eligible.

    If you have additional questions not answered on this site, please the financial aid office via email at

    New York Film Academy Disclaimer
    New York Film Academy Disclaimer