15 Signs You Went to New York Film Academy

May 21, 2014

NYFA Universal Studios

Whether you studied at the original campus in Union Square, SoHo, the new Battery Park building, Universal Studios, or one of the many locations around the world, if you attended New York Film Academy, you’ve probably developed some of these traits.

  1. NYFA Union SquareYou tell your friend to move slightly to the left or right while conversing with them.
  2. You’ve had your hands on the Canon 5D and the RED.
  3. You immediately know where someone is from based on his or her accent.
  4. Even if you hate acting, you’ve acted in at least a scene or two.
  5. You’ve discovered Hershey’s syrup can be used to film a bloody scene.
  6. You paint your living room wall blue or green so you’re able to film a ‘green screen‘ scene in your home.
  7. At the theater, you are too busy looking for mistakes instead of enjoying the movie.
  8. All of your school friends are actors, performers or filmmakers scattered all over the world.
  9. You’ve shot a scene using the fog machine.
  10. fog machineYou check to make sure you “hit your mark” at random places like the grocery check out, ATM or even McDonald’s.
  11. You have a complete NYFA apparel collection for all seasons: T-shirts, hoodie, track jacket…even a NYFA messenger bag to carry them in.
  12. You’ve met a famous guest speaker.
  13. You’ve said ‘FADE OUT’ at the end of a regular conversation.
  14. You’ve yelled “Cut” when a friend’s story goes on too long.
  15. You want to go back!

Josh Brolin

There may be countless other signs of a true NYFA student. We’d love to hear some of yours in the comments below!