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Al Pacino’s Daughter Julie Premieres ‘Billy Bates’


billy bates

After forming her own production company, Poverty Row Entertainment, with writer/director Jennifer DeLia, New York native and New York Film Academy alum, Julie Pacino produced the feature film Billy Bates. The film will be premiering at the famous Sunshine Cinema on April 5th. Billy Bates is the story of a young damaged artist who faces his demons, and through perseverance rises from the ashes of a broken soul. Sticking with her roots, Julie’s independent feature was shot primarily in New York City. “I really think its a unique film experience that lends itself well to conversations about the different facets of the process,” says Julie.

The film began as an expansion of Jennifer’s short film I Am An Island and gradually morphed into an exploration of the artist’s process. Billy’s journey is very parallel and at times intertwined with Jennifer’s journey. “This film is very much about art, as well as the psychology of the character,” adds Julie. “This film was quite organic and non-conventional in terms of how it came together.”

When asked about the process of raising funds for an independent feature such as this, Julie had some great advice. “It’s important not to be afraid to discuss funding with anyone who may be a candidate, whether inside or outside the film industry. I find it also important to really believe in the content a filmmaker is working on, so that the passion is something investors can really get behind – since there really are no guarantees of a return. Offering investors an experience can be priceless. Transparency has also been key for us to in terms of relationship-building.”

Julie is currently in talks with a couple companies, weighing options in terms of digital, VOD, and theatrical distribution. She is also producing another project with Jennifer called The First, which is the story of Hollywood pioneer and silent screen legend, Mary Pickford.

Be sure to check out the premiere of Billy Bates this Friday, April 5th at Sunshine Cinema at 8:30pm.