AMC Announces Mad Men Fan Cut Contest to Recreate the First Episode

February 11, 2015

Don Draper delivers his Lucky Strikes pitchAre you a Mad Men fan who is beyond consolation over the end of your beloved series? Do you also happen to be an aspiring filmmaker or film school student?

AMC has announced a new project in honor of the show’s upcoming final episodes in which fans are invited to recreate a scene from the series’ very first episode, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” which has long been considered an all-time fan favorite.

Fans interested in staking their claim on a particular scene—perhaps Don Draper’s famous Lucky Strikes pitch?—can do so by heading over to AMC’s website and choosing from over 150 scenes to recreate in any style they see fit and then upload the results to YouTube. So if you’ve always thought Mad Men would be better if Sterling-Cooper was populated by cowboys or that the show should have taken place on Mars instead of New York City, now is your chance. Once all of the scenes have been reserved and shot, AMC will then edit all of the scene together for one master fan cut of the first episode.

NYFA students looking to further hone their directing chops are particularly encouraged to check out this opportunity to have their work seen by thousands of filmmakers and Mad Men fans the world over. Click here to learn more about the project.

AMC Fan Cut contest image