East Meets West to Share the Magic of Animation

July 29, 2015
weiyu wang
Animator Weiyu Wang

New York Film Academy was thrilled to host animator Weiyu Wang (Let’s Wait Together) at our NYFA Los Angeles campus. As an artist in residence, Mr. Wang had the opportunity to create another beautiful and painterly animation film called Another Man. Weiyu was so appreciative for being our guest that he put together an event where he shared several short animation films made in China.

Each film was lovingly created by hand using traditional animation techniques. Mr. Wang commented on the work of each of the artists (many he knows personally) and spoke about the state of fine art animation in China. He said many of the animators work in the commercial industry or are teachers like himself who create these films outside of the studio system as a means of personal expression. At the end of the program Mr. Wang shared the film he made here during his stay at NYFA.

weiya wang

Another Man is an exploration of the inter relationship of a character and his reflection. The imagery was gorgeous with masterful and compelling animation. At the end of the evening Mr. Wang addressed numerous questions from the international student body who were captivated by his presentation. Mark Sawicki, the chair of animation at the Los Angeles campus, was so grateful to Mr. Wang for putting together the event that he created a clay sculpture of the main character in Mr. Wang’s film as a commemorative of the evening. They both exchanged gifts with each other days before the artist left for China.

Mark Sawicki’s sculpture given to Mr. Wang


We look forward to seeing you again, Mr. Wang, and are proud to have been able to have you as our guest during the making of your beautiful film.