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Overview of New York Film Academy Beijing

The New York Film Academy Beijing’s workshops respond to a growing number of international students who want to experience living and learning in China, where the media industry is growing exponentially. NYFA Beijing now offers our acclaimed four-week workshops in filmmaking, where students benefit from intensive, hands-on, project-based education under the guidance of working industry professionals. All courses are taught in English.

Study Abroad at the New York Film Academy


Beijing is an exciting and bustling city with a history of culture and power that extends back thousands of years. Visitors to Beijing will be inspired by the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, which were homes of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing Attractions Near Beijing the Great Wall of China, one of the world's wonders, can be easily visited, as well as treasured attractions including the Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Hutongs, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Opera, and Panda House. Modern Beijing is a city with vibrant night-life and world-class restaurants and a center of a burgeoning entertainment industry where hundreds of films and television shows are produced.


Students that meet the application requirements have the opportunity to receive U.S. regionally accredited transcripts.*

New York Film Academy is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and all NYFA Study Abroad locations and programs are regionally accredited by NYFA’s WASC status. The regionally-accredited transcripts for students that successfully complete NYFA Study Abroad programs are issued from NYFA’s Los Angeles Campus Registrar.

Get more information on studying abroad for transferable credit and see a full list of eligible international locations and programs here.

**Please note: The New York Film Academy makes no representation that credits awarded by NYFA will be accepted or applied toward the completion of any degree or certificate by any other postsecondary institution. The acceptance of transfer credits is always governed by the receiving school.


Students will make their films using the Canon 5D Mark III, a favorite of independent filmmaking, commercials, and television, including the international hit series, House, shows on BBC, CBS Hawaii Five-O, and Saturday Night Live's new title sequence and segments. Each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits three projects shot in HD. During the four weeks, each student works in key crew positions on at least six more films directed by classmates.

This intensive, hands-on program requires a total commitment to a challenging curriculum of making films, with hours that often extend beyond a traditional class day. In this workshop, students should be prepared to eat, drink, and breathe filmmaking.


The program is structured around the production of three short HD films of increasing complexity. Classes and hands-on workshops are held throughout the week, while weekends are reserved for additional classes or time shooting on-set. Evenings are spent on writing, location, scouting, casting, and editing. The fourth week is devoted to shooting and editing the final film, culminating in the final screening. As in all of our filmmaking workshops, each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a series of short film projects of his or her own. Classes in directing, writing, editing, cinematography, and production cover the creative and technical demands of telling a story with moving images. Each week all the students’ films are screened and critiqued in class with the instructor.


Director's Craft
Students are taught the language of filmmaking and the director’s craft as applied to the HD digital format. Aspects of mise-en-scène, visual storytelling, continuity-style coverage, directing actors, and writing visually will be emphasized.

Hands-On Digital Camera and Lighting
Using Canon 5D Mark III, these classes help students master the digital medium including shutter speed, focus, focal length, dynamic range, latitude, color saturation, gels, and filters. In the first week, students shoot and screen tests for pulling focus, exposure, lens perspective, latitude, dynamic range, contrast, and utilizing Technicolor Cinema-style look.

Digital Editing
Students learn to "log and capture" their HD footage into the digital editing system. Creating a timeline, inserting footage, special digital effects, and building a digital soundtrack are among the subjects that are covered. Editing instructors are on hand to consult with students on creative and technical aspects of their individual projects throughout the editing process.

Sound Recording
Students learn to get high quality sound for their final projects with boom microphones and accessories.

What NYFA Beijing Filmmaking Students Will Achieve

Project One - Continuity
Each student writes, directs, and edits a film of one to three minutes.

Students explore film grammar while using the digital camera. Students are taught to plan and shoot "coverage" of a dramatic or documentary subject. Students learn how different camera angles, camera movements, focal lengths, lighting, and blocking actors combine to bring the scene together seamlessly in the editing room.

Project Two - Music/Montage Film
Each student writes, directs, and edits a film of two to four minutes.

The Great Wall The second project introduces students to the relationship between sound and film, as well as to narrative tools like montage and jump cuts. In this project, students are encouraged to explore a more personal form of visual storytelling. Students choose a short continuous selection of music. In the editing room, they cut their images to work in concert with, or in counterpoint to, the music. Students should experiment with rhythm and pacing.

Project Three - Final Film
Each student writes, directs, and edits a film of three to five minutes.

This final film is more ambitious in scope than the previous exercises. It builds upon the foundation of skills and knowledge gained in the first two projects. Each student has a full shooting day. The final days of the program are spent in post-production. Students may use limited dialogue, sound effects, music, voice-over, and ambient sound to help tell their stories. Films may be of any genre, and can be narrative, documentary, or experimental.

Graduation Screening

Each student completes the program with three short films and graduates in a final celebration screening for friends, family, and invited industry guests.


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