Kyle MacLachlan Set to Return to Twin Peaks

January 14, 2015

Agent Dale Cooper sitting with cup of coffee

Twin Peaks fans, pour yourself a steaming cup of black coffee and a slice of cherry pie as everyone’s favorite federal agent is set to return to the classic series. Kyle MacLachlan confirmed that he would be reprising his leading role as Agent Dale Cooper on Monday during Showtime’s panel at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour, putting to rest rumors that have been circulating ever since it was announced last October that David Lynch’s and Mark Frost’s cult television would return to the small screen in a nine-episode run on Showtime in 2016.

MacMachlan’s announcement came as a surprise to a room full of television critics as MacLachlan strolled onto the stage, while remarking to Showtime president David Nevins, “You look like you need a damn fine cup of coffee,” a spin on Cooper’s infamous catchphrase.

While this next installment of Twin Peaks is still heavily shrouded in secrecy—it will not be the show’s third season but rather revolve around a central storyline that may involve a new crime in the town of Twin Peaks with Lynch directing every episode—Nevins did remark that other members of the original cast would also be signing on. As for MacLachlan, he remarked to the crowd before exiting the stage that he is “very excited to return to the strange world of Twin Peaks.”