You Can’t Miss This Photo App

August 14, 2014

EyeEm App

In this tech savvy world, we snap and send. Most photos are decent on mobile technology but what about the photographer that makes his livelihood out of capturing these amazing events on the go? EyeEm is the photo-sharing, must-have app which has already gained the endorsement of 10 million users. This app allows its user to focus on photography while finding the perfect expression between eye-popping photography and a clear conversational message.

This app creates the visual focus for stunning photos with a jet black background which enables the artist to eliminate all distractions and concentrate on the detail within the photo itself. With the one-touch, easy-to-use zoom feature, users receive a full-resolution photo that doesn’t sacrifice the appearance nor fidelity of the photograph. Photographers capture intricate details that no other app can quite get a handle on which truly distinguishes the snap and good luck shot to premium artistry. Users and observers can engage and discuss these photos on the go rather than posting a comment.

Eyeem Screen

In this 10 million and growing EyeEm community, users not only engage with like-minded photographers but they also have the chance to enter contests labeled “Missions” and win prizes from monetary incentives to an Xbox One. If that isn’t enough to convince the average user to join this community maybe the opportunity for a lucrative publication of your photo will. Huffington Post and FourSquare are all hosts of missions that ask this community specific tasks to capture in photographs like “Where do you Swarm?” from FourSquare. The winner not only receives a nice chunk of change ($300) but their photo receives massive attention by being hung right on the popular wall of FourSquare’s New York City office. Talk about primo exposure.

EyeEm engages users with these Missions and users jump at the opportunity to show their skills. Creative challenges are regularly created for this eager and skillful community of photographers. After all, you could generate a new business or career all from the exposure of this one, eye-capturing and thought provoking app. EyeEm is available to download on iPhones, iPads and there are also versions for Android.