3-Week Acting for Film Camp for Teens

2023 Locations: New York City, Los Angeles, South Beach, Paris, Florence, Harvard

The New York Film Academy’s 3-Week Acting for Film Camp for teens offers young actors the one-of-a-kind opportunity to study the craft of acting with industry professionals in exciting settings around the world. Held during the summer, the 3-Week Acting for Film Camp fits perfectly into most campers’ summer schedules, giving them an unforgettable experience as they learn the skills and techniques to act for film.

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Campers split their time between in-class lectures, instructor-supervised workshops, and auditioning for and acting in other students’ films. A number of special topics like Shakespeare, stage combat, and dialects add variety. Classes and workshops are structured to challenge campers to create and control a character amidst the many demands of a film set. The structure of the camp’s classes and workshops is meant to challenge campers to construct and control a character amidst the many challenges that come with acting on a film set.


Over the course of the camp’s three weeks, students participate in a number of different classes that serve to supplement the fundamentals taught in Acting for Film and Monologues as well as receiving an introduction to the craft of filmmaking.
• Acting For Film
• Acting Technique
• Scene Study
• Film Craft
• Monologues
• Voice and Movement
• Improvisation
• Audition Technique

Upon successful completion of the camp, students receive a New York Film Academy certificate and a copy of their work.

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Please note that curriculum, dates, and prices are open to change.


Tuition & Fees:
$3,725* (USD)

Start Dates for Available Locations:
• Los Angeles

Jul 23, 2023 – Aug 12, 2023

• New York City

Jul 23, 2023 – Aug 12, 2023

• South Beach

Jun 12, 2023 – Jun 30, 2023
Jul 10, 2023 – Jul 28, 2023

• Paris

Jul 16, 2023 – Aug 5, 2023

• Florence

Jun 25, 2023 – Jul 15, 2023
Jul 16, 2023 – Aug 5, 2023

• Harvard

Jul 9, 2023 – Jul 29, 2023

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