1-Week Filmmaking Camp for Teens


Students at our 1-Week Filmmaking Camp for teens will eat, drink, and breathe moviemaking. The pace of this camp is feverish, and each student will complete a short project to be screened at the conclusion of the camp.

As in all of the New York Film Academy filmmaking camps, students will have the opportunity to write, direct, shoot and edit in a hands-on environment under the guidance of expert instructors with tremendous hands-on experience and training.

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The camp begins with two days of intensive study in camera, writing, and directing. On days three and four, students shoot their individual exercises. Day five is comprised of editing class and post-production.

In the 1-Week Filmmaking Camp for teens, each student will create his or her own digital film and will rotate among crew positions for each others’ projects.

Equipment and Facilities

Students enrolled in the Academy’s 1-Week Filmmaking Camp will use HD digital video cameras and digital editing software.

Workshop Goals

The teen 1-Week Filmmaking Camp was designed to serve the needs of different types of students. For students contemplating a longer-term education in filmmaking or a career in the entertainment industry, it is an excellent introduction. This one-week camp gives students an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking, as well as the exhilaration of seeing a project through completion.

For others, the 1-Week Filmmaking Camp is an escape vacationan opportunity to have fun doing something completely different. Some students are simply interested in learning about the way a movie is made.

In every category, we have had students return to the Academy for one of our longer, more involved programs. Many of our one-week students get “bitten by the film bug” during the program, and realize that one week will not fulfill their desire to learn all they can about the process of movie making. The limitations of a one-week camp should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting their craft.

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Please note that curriculum, dates, and prices are open to change.


Tuition & Fees:
$1,700* (USD)

Start Dates for Available Locations:
• Los Angeles

Jan 8, 2023 – Jan 14, 2023

• Gold Coast

4 Jul 2022 – 8 Jul 2022
26 Sep 2022 – 30 Sep 2022

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