Mridul Sen, a 1-Year Cinematography student from Bombay, India, discusses her background in Bollywood film and how NYFA’s Cinematography school helped refine her craft. Mridul sums it up as such: “It just hit me that I don’t want to be anything else but a cinematographer.”

New York Film Academy’s philosophy of learning by doing means that our one-year cinematography students develop their technical skills and artistic identities through a dynamic combination of classroom experience, practical hands-on workshops, individual and collaborative projects, and instructor-led productions. Cinematography students collaborate with their peers on active film sets and are encouraged to develop their networking skills by seeking out additional project work with their peers in the filmmaking program.

This is a rigorous program of classroom study, self-directed projects, and instructor-led workshops. Upon graduation, students will be proficient with many state-of-the-art camera systems and able to confidently supervise the creation of sophisticated lighting schemes. Most importantly, they will be able to effectively harness the visual tools of cinema to tell meaningful stories.

The New York Film Academy is dedicated to training new and aspiring cinematographers. To learn more about the New York Film Academy’s 1-Year Conservatory Cinematography program, check out our website: