Samantha Soule



Samantha Soule is an actress, as well as an award-winning director and writer, whose professional repertoire speaks volumes. She made her professional acting debut in the 2008 romantic drama Revolutionary Road, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Soule appeared in one episode each of the TV series Smash, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Do Not Harm, Blue Bloods, and Nurse Jackie. In 2013, Soule played Alice in The Penny Dreadful Picture Show. She then appeared as Sarah in How We Got Away with It (2014).

Soule then continued appearing in films, including No Retreat (2016), Cigarette Soup (2017), and the short Dead Water. In 2017, she played Charlotte Temple in all seven episodes of the Netflix-original Western drama Godless, starring Jeff Bridges.

Soule later played Peggy’s godmother in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated and 2020 American Film Institute (AFI) Movie of the Year-winning crime drama The Irishman (2019).

Demonstrating the importance of lifelong learning, Soule enrolled in NYFA’s Online Film Directing and Online Cinematography workshops in 2020. Soule’s newfound knowledge paid dividends, as she won three awards as a writer for her 2021 short film Telling Time. She won the Power of Perseverance Award at the 2021 Cinelounge International Film Festival. Soule also received the Audience Award for experimental short films, 2021 Film Invasion L.A. Furthermore, she won the Best Original Script at the February 2021 London International Monthly Film Festival. Soule then won the Best Short Film Award at the 2022 Omaha Film Festival for Birdwatching, her first award as a director. She also won the Best Feature Screenplay Award at the 2022 New Renaissance Film Festival as a co-writer for the short film Ain’t It Though.

Meanwhile, Soule has continued her acting career alongside her writing and directorial endeavors. Samantha has played Anna in the Netflix original series Outer Banks since 2020. She has also appeared in five episodes of Showtime’s original crime drama City on a Hill (2019-2022) and one episode of East New York (2022).

Program Studied at NYFA: Online Film Directing, Online Cinematography
Program Type: 4-Week Online Workshops
Year Attended: 2020
Location: Online

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TV & Film Actress Samantha Soule Expands Her Craft With New York Film Academy’s Online Workshops

TV & Film Actress Samantha Soule Expands Her Craft With New York Film Academy’s Online Workshops

At New York Film Academy (NYFA), we are excited to continue to offer our creative and performing arts workshops online so that everyone, from artists and industry professionals like Samantha…