A Conversation with NYFA MFA Acting for Film Alum Logan Arneson


NYFA MFA Acting for Film alum Logan Arneson is a professional voice over actor and podcast sound editor. Since graduating from NYFA, Arneson has worked on 3 international podcasts and recently created his own podcast.

Arneson shared with NYFA that, like many artists, during the pandemic he was in need of an outlet, “I was feeling frustrated with the lack of artistic outlets.” Arneson and his partner enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons, a table-top role playing game that has seen much success since its release in 1974. The game provided a reprieve from the global pandemic,“It [was] a cathartic outlet.” This outlet sparked the fire that had been extinguished. “We started Brain Adventures a Dungeons and Dragons, an actual play podcast that tells dynamic stories with life lessons.” Arneson describes the podcast as funny and dramatic. The podcast also gave him the opportunity to collaborate with another NYFA alum Cristina Castaño Brunet.

“Our first season is called “Hollywood Knights”, where 3 medieval knights end up in modern-day Hollywood and have to find out why and if they can get back. It’s a story of growth and found family.” Arneson added, “Our 2nd season is called “A Familiar Journey”, a story of four animals whose owners go missing so they set out to find them. During this quest they learn to accept each other, themselves, and their flaws.”

The third installment is about customer service employees that are trapped in a mall that has fallen to hell. The employees are then tasked with working their jobs in hell as they face their past and present struggle.

Arneson completed the MFA Acting program at NYFA and affirms that all roads, all of the knowledge he acquired helped him create Brain Adventures, “My acting training was important in developing my characters, improv was key in keeping the story moving while still being entertaining, I also used sound editing tips I picked up during my Voice Over classes at NYFA”

Arneson also shared his advice for incoming students, he said, “my advice is find people that you trust, that are talented and create your own opportunities. You’ll be surprised what doors will open for you.”

The New York Film Academy commends MFA Acting for Film alum Logan Arneson on his work in Brain Adventures!


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Published on: July 15, 2022

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