February 12, 2015

They say kindness goes a long way, especially in the entertainment business. Therefore, being recognized as a Good Samaritan on national television is probably a good thing to add to New York Film Academy BFA Screenwriting student Cedric Beard’s resume.

While strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beard was interrupted by a stranger who needed him to hold his fish bowl. Sounds odd, but Beard obliged for longer than most would. Much to his surprise, Beard’s patience and kindness through the process awarded him more than he could’ve ever imagined at the time.

It turns out that the “random stranger” was, in fact, Cousin Sal from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Cedric had passed his Good Samaritan test with flying colors.

“Being on JKL was quite an experience,” said Beard. “The people were so friendly! I can see how celebrities feel so relaxed in the JKL environment.”

Though, this wasn’t the first time Beard was praised for being a Good Samaritan. As a member of Amnesty International in high school, he recalled the first time he was referred to as a Good Samaritan.

Coincidentally enough, back in April 2014, acting student, Petter Egge was also recognized by Ellen DeGeneres as a Good Samaritan, and was called in to appear live on her show.

It seems that NYFA students possess the patience and benevolence required to go far in this business.

Beard just wrote a pilot entitled Gilbert, which is currently being reviewed by Amazon Studios.

“I get embarrassed thinking how bad my writing was before I entered the program,” admits Beard. “Cricket Rumley, Megan Breen, Doris Kaufmen, Aly Covington, Christopher Cass, Lonnie Halouska, Burak Arcan and Nunzio DePhillips have all been huge in guiding me.”