This Friday the 13th, Jason Takes Over Cinema History

March 13, 2015

Given its Friday the 13th for the second month in a row, the New York Film Academy thought it’d be fun to imagine if the character of Jason Vorhees, from the Friday the 13th franchise, was cast in some of the more popular films over the years. Needless to say, the films would not be the same. Have a look at how far our imagination went, and comment on your favorite Jason character!

braveheart jason
Jason may take your lives, but he will never take your freedom!
The New Defense of the Dark Arts Minister
In Heaven, everything is fine. But Jason went to hell, so he’s out of luck.
league of their own
There’s no crying in baseball…unless you can hide your tears behind a hockey mask.
A house divided cannot stand… especially if it’s divided by a machete.
may poppins
Did you know that “Ch Ch Ch” is short for “Chim Chim Cher-ee?” Well, it is.
Now that’s our worst nightmare.
Jason is like an onion…
taxi driver
You talkin’ to Jason? You talkin’ to Jason?
You want to know Jason’s secret? He’s always angry.
titanic jason
When Jason tells you he’ll never let go, he means it.
Not quite Jason’s tempo.