May 28, 2020

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is excited to announce that ten NYFA students and recent graduates have been accepted into The Academy Gold Program’s Internship Program for the summer. Out of 25 slots, ten NYFA students or recent graduates were selected to be part of the prestigious educational program hosted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

New York Film Academy Named by Variety as a Best Film School of 2018
Academy Gold Program official logo card

The Academy Gold Program is a multi-tiered educational and experiential initiative designed by AMPAS that gives top film entertainment, technology, production services, and digital media companies an all-inclusive pass to recruit and educate a nationwide pool of diverse talent. The program offers interns exclusive access to Academy members, industry professionals, screenings, and educational workshops, allowing NYFA students and recent grads the opportunity to continue to hone their craft.

Barbara Weintraub, Director of Industry Outreach and Professional Development at NYFA, invited members of the Academy Gold Program to meet with students at NYFA’s Los Angeles campus to explain best practices when applying for the Academy internship. The representatives included Niti Shah (Director, Academy Gold Talent, Development, Inclusion & Alumni Programs) and Bettina Fisher (Director of Educational Initiatives, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).


New York Film Academy Named by Variety as a Best Film School of 2018
NYFA students with AMPAS’ Bettina Fisher

The room was packed by NYFA students with Shah and Fisher detailing the internship program and outlining the different internship disciplines: Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Costume Design, and Sound. Each discipline is limited to five spots with the entire program only accepting a total of 25 interns.


NYFA Acting for film Alum Stars in Netflix Series Blood and Water

On May 15, 2020, after a series of interviews, the Academy notified the successful candidates for the Gold Program and extended the offer to join the Academy Gold Program in Summer 2020.

NYFA students who were accepted into the Academy Gold Program include:

  • YUANHUA (GWENDOLYN) WANG – Sound (MFA Filmmaking, expected graduation Fall 2020)
  • CATERINA PICCARDO – Production Design (MFA Filmmaking, graduated January 2020)
  • VERONICA BADELL – Production Design (MFA Filmmaking, graduated January 2020)
  • JUNKE (COCO) LI – Production Design (MFA Filmmaking, graduated January 2020)
  • DESTINEE EASLEY – Costume Design (MFA Filmmaking, expected graduation Fall 2020)
  • GOWTHAM NAMASIVAYAM – Editing (MFA Filmmaking, graduated May 2020)
  • RODRIGO GOMEZ – Editing (1-Year Filmmaking, expected graduation Fall 2020)
  • EUNICET PAMELA RUBIO ROJAS – Cinematography (MFA Filmmaking, graduated May 2020)
  • JUAN SANCHEZ – Cinematography (BFA Filmmaking, graduated January 2020)
  • MAYUR PATANKAR – Cinematography (MFA Cinematography, expected graduation Fall 2020)

NYFA student Mayur Patankar, who was selected for the Cinematography internship program with the Academy Gold Program, shared, “I am so excited for the future training and opportunities.” Recent graduate Juan Sanchez told NYFA that getting into the program is “wonderful news” and that the program would begin this summer via Zoom before returning to practical sessions in the fall.

NYFA would like to congratulate its students and recent graduates who worked diligently to apply for the Academy Gold Program and looks forward to following each students’ success as they continue to pursue their careers.