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NYFA Australia Gold Coast Grad Works on “Thor” and “Aquaman”


Former New York Film Academy Australia, Gold Coast student, Damian Lang, has shot three award-winning short films thus far, and has worked as a Location Assistant on major Hollywood films like “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Aquaman,” both of which were filmed in the Gold Coast. Between his on-set experience and filmmaking background, Lang says he is currently working on an idea for his first feature film.

damian lang

Below is Lang’s description of his three award-winning shorts:

“Unauthorised Tears”

“This film is about trying to re-connect with people, woman particularly. I returned from Afghanistan with the Australian Infantry a few years back and developed some mental issues, which unfortunately ended in me losing my wife and job. This sent me on a bit of a downward spiral, but I always forced myself to get out and push through. The events in the film actually happened multiple times — just not usually with a fairy-tail ending.”


Caymen, Int Film Festival
Stage One, Int Film Festival (Won ACS Best Cinematography)
Long Beach Indie, Int Film Festival
Screen IT, Gold Coast Film Festival
Austin Revolution, Film Festival

“Diamond In The Rough”

“This film is about understanding your own beauty and worth. I went through a faze where I was trying to build myself into another person to attract certain types of women into my life. I found out it’s not very sustainable or fair on the other person.”


Colorado, Int Film Festival (Won Best Student Short)
Fort Worth, Indie Film Festival
International Video and Music Awards
Roma, Cinemadoc Film Festival

“The First Step”

This film is about re-connecting even if it isn’t the easiest route, and also about betrayal at the most unexpected times. The idea stems from when I was in Afghanistan and there were multiple ego driven orders that put us in unnecessary danger. Duty first is what we always did, but now we have to live with the outcomes and the question ‘why’.”

Screenings: (This film is still on the festival scene until December 2017)

Around Films, Int Film Festival (Won Best Short film)
Hollywood Screenings, Film Festival (Semi-finalist)

Lang also directed a music video for the Gold Coast based DJ duo “Bombs Away,” which was featured on MTV.