NYFA Australia Grad Jessica Bridger Lands Camera Gig with Channel 7 News

One of our recent One Year Filmmaking graduates, Jessica Bridger, from New York Film Academy Australia, Gold Coast, is now a Weekend Camera Operator for the local Channel 7 News, which covers Rockhampton and the Central Queensland Region.
jessica bridger

We recently caught up with Ms. Bridger to learn more about her and her new career.

If someone was making a movie about your life, what genre would it be, who would play you and what would be the title?

Comedy/drama; Emma Stone or Hailee Steinfeld; and “Adulthood: Are you sure?”

If you had one sentence / log line that could change the world, what would it be?

Do what you love, not what you’re told to.


You’ll always find a way, no matter what.

What did you enjoy most about studying at NYFA?

Definitely working with new and interesting people and collaborating on different projects.

How has NYFA prepared you for working in the “real world” of Film/TV/Entertainment?

If I didn’t have the knowledge I have now, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve only been gone a year and already amounted to something in the industry. It’s amazing what can happen within the space of a year.

What exciting project/s and/or plans do you have now or coming up?

Right now I’m just taking each day as it comes. Weekend camera operating is something different everyday. I could be shooting a football game one minute and going to an accident or house fire the next. I’m interested to see where I’m headed in my career.