NYFA Student Veterans Shadow Animators at Dreamworks

December 14, 2015

dreamworksFour New York Film Academy veterans from the Los Angeles campus were chosen to participate in a Veterans Shadowing Day at the Dreamworks Animation Studio campus on December 2 in honor of Veterans Day.

The program, created by Dreamworks HR VP Tim Norman (he himself an army veteran) — alongside Veterans in Film and Television, and LA faculty member Suzanne Kent — was a unique opportunity for the selected NYFA students to be paired with top animation creators for a day of shadowing, hands on-experience and immersion in their respective fields.

Participants from Dreamworks included an animation modeler, a CGI Supervisor, and a Motion Capture director.

Those attending from NYFA were Brian Melo, Chris Cardoza, Kenesha Bolton and Kunanon Soothinpong.

The program was successful for everyone involved and it is the hope that this project can be continued on an annual basis.