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New York Film Academy (NYFA) Student Wins Big with ‘Lip Reader: Game of Detective’


On December 20, New York Film Academy (NYFA) MFA student Shi Tanxuan showcased his short film, Lip Reader: Game of Detective at the 15th Guangzhou College Student Film Festival, one of China’s most prestigious student film festivals. It came away as one of the festival’s biggest winners.

Lip Reader: Game of Detective is a comedic detective story, written to be part of a cinematic, “special detective universe” — a rare and ambitious trait for a student film. Lip Reader tells the story of Lin, a college student with a severe hearing impairment, who has a fantastic talent for reading lips. Lin, who works as an “intelligence analyst” for a paparazzi company, must track down a missing $20 million diamond necklace two days before a popular Chinese actress is to wear it at the Academy Awards. 

Lip Reader: Game of Detective - Shi Tanxuan

Lip Reader stood out from more than 500 short films at the 15th Guangzhou College Student Film Festival. The event is one of two college student film festivals approved by China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Popular with students across the country and beyond, it plays an important role in promoting Chinese movies. 

By the end of the festival, it had won the Gold Award in the “Original Motion Picture and Animation Film Competition (Drama) competition. Additionally, it picked up the “Huayi Brothers Media Group Star-making Entertainment Special Award” at the award ceremony.

Shi Tanxuan started the MFA in Filmmaking program at New York Film Academy in Summer 2017 at NYFA’s Los Angeles campus. In addition to writing and directing Lip Reader, he also put together a cast and crew of several other Chinese students and alumni from NYFA, including:

General Executive Producer
Peipei Duan
2017 Fall MFA Producing

Second Unit Director
Kaibo Xu
2017 Fall MFA Filmmaking

1st & 2nd Assistant Director
Fei Chen
2018 Fall BFA Filmmaking

Post Supervisor
Cherry Cao
MFA Fall 2015 Filmmaking

Post Production Coordinator
Zhenghao Yang
2016 Fall MFA Filmmaking

Klay Li
2016 Spring MFA Filmmaking

Demi Ke
2015 Spring MFA Acting for Film

Xinran Cao
2018 Summer MFA Acting

Yiwen Sun
BFA Fall 16 Acting 1C

Jiani Yang
BFA Acting 2017

Lip Reader: Game of Detective - Shi Tanxuan

The New York Film Academy congratulates the above students and alumni on their hard work and wishes Shi Tanxuan the best of luck as he expands the story and universe of Lip Reader: Game of Detective!