July 29, 2014

New York Film Academy’s Musical Theatre department is gearing up to present their first ever Summer New Works Reading Series! The Series was designed to promote relationships between our students and emerging composers, writers, and directors. It’s an exciting opportunity for our musical theatre students to be involved in the developmental stages of high-potential musical theatre pieces and to cultivate working relationships with individuals and collaborators who are already making a name for themselves in the musical theatre industry.

The Reading Series will consist of two emotionally rich pieces that will be held at NYFA Union Square’s 4th Floor Screening Room. 100 E. 17th St. New York, NY 10002.

  • FRIDAY, AUGUST 8TH 8PM: Camila by Lori McKelvey, directed by Chad Larabee, musical direction by Kevin David Thomas
  • SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH 8PM: A Lasting Impression by Zoe Sarnak, directed by DJ Salisbury, musical direction by Daniel Lincoln.

CAMILA is the true story of a love so strong, that it sparked a revolution in Argentina and changed the course of history. Framed within turbulent 1850’s Buenos Aires, Camila O’Gorman questions why General Rosas’ soldiers execute booksellers and innocent gauchos. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with Padre Ladislao Gutierrez, a young Jesuit Priest who shares her concern for the terror striking their nation. As romance blooms, they find themselves hunted by Rosas and Padre Gannon for crimes against the nation and the church. Although the government banned the story from being told for a hundred and fifty years, it was whispered from generation to generation. Now, you can hear the story in full at the New York Film Academy.

A LASTING IMPRESSION is the story of sisters Kali, a composer, and Simone, a painter, as told through the eyes of a jaded young journalist, Josh. Struggling to find purpose in his writing, Josh stumbles upon the sister artists living in modern-day Brooklyn with their mother. As he recounts his interviews, he uncovers the secrets of a crumbling family. The sisters’ artwork is woven into Josh’s narrative through musical and visual elements. Three versions of the same story, (book, set, and score) A Lasting Impression is about impressions that we make through love, on those close to us, and through art, on those we may never meet.

Both shows will be presented in traditional reading format, which means an intimate set with music stands, binders and a small band.

Our musical theatre students are wholeheartedly looking forward to their presentations and hope to see you all there!