‘The Gratitude Diaries’ Partners with New York Film Academy

May 7, 2015

The New York Film Academy partnered with acclaimed author Janice Kaplan, whose upcoming book The Gratitude Diaries is an inspiring memoir backed by pioneering research. What started as an intriguing idea—to spend a year living gratefully—became a life-changing experience. Getting advice at every turn from psychologists, academics, doctors, and philosophers, Janice used gratitude to improve her marriage and get a new outlook on money, ambition, and career. She discovered why the stuff we buy doesn’t make us grateful and learned how to raise grateful kids.

Through interviews with experts, friends, and celebrities like Matt Damon and Daniel Craig, Janice learned the role of gratitude in everything from our sense of fulfillment to our children’s happiness. Research proves that gratitude makes us healthier and happier, improves sleep, lowers stress, and lessens depression. With warmth, humor, and appealing insight, Janice’s journey will empower you to think positively and start living your own best year ever!

In alliance with her initiative to help spread this positive outlook globally, Kaplan approached the New York Film Academy to produce a short video that asks the question “Why don’t your kids say thanks?” While the kids in the video are adorable, their message is also a reminder that children need to be taught about gratitude. The children’s attitude toward their moms is amusing—but likely hits home for many mothers watching.

gratitude diaries

To further the conversation even more, the New York Film Academy and The Gratitude Diaries is opening up a worldwide Father’s Day Competition to students, alumni, faculty and filmmakers in general to show how they truly appreciate their fathers.

While there are no restrictions on the videos, we expect submissions to be thoughtful, professionally shot, and most of all – expressing your gratitude in an entertaining way!

Want to learn more about the contest? CLICK HERE to get started!