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New York Film Academy in Florence, Italy Two NYFA student crew members prepare to film. New York Film Academy in Florence, Italy

The Florence campus is currently offering the One Semester programs as well as the 4-Week and 8-Week workshops for Filmmaking and Acting for Film. At this time, we are planning to have all the classes held in person.

If you are planning to continue your studies into the 1-Year Conservatory program, the One Semester program will kick-start this journey, allowing you to finish the first semester in Florence, with the option to then transfer into the second semester of your 1-Year Conservatory program at our US campuses. All of your credits will be recognized in the 1-Year program and will also allow you to further transfer into the BFA program if you wish to do so in the future.

Florence is the hub of the New York Film Academy in Europe. In 2008, the Government of Tuscany and the Tuscan Film Commission invited NYFA to offer our world-renowned programs in the historic center of Florence. NYFA Florence campus is located in the neighborhood of Santa Croce, whose curved streets are the remnants of the amphitheater built 2,000 years ago! This iconic Florence campus is just steps away from the Piazza Santa Croce, one of the city’s most prominent squares and historical landmarks. The plaza is home to the Basilica of Santa Croce, which features sixteen beautifully decorated chapels and tombs of many illustrious Italian figures, including Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo, and Enrico Fermi.

When studying in Florence, students can deepen their understanding and connection to the Italian culture through the creative process of Filmmaking, Photography, or Acting for Film. Florence becomes more than a historic locale; it is a place for inspiration, innovation, and immersion.

NYFA Florence’s programs challenge students to interact with their surroundings while developing professional-level skills. Filmmaking students find themselves directly intermingling with the Italian people and culture, putting their knowledge to work as they make a series of short films. Acting for Film students perform in films shot on location, bringing stories and characters to life that reflects the culture and history of Florence. Photography students take advantage of locales and scenery that inspired masters of the Renaissance. As students write, direct, shoot, edit and act in their own films, they acquire a deep understanding of Italian culture. Italy’s inhabitants become the characters in their stories. Italy’s traditions and customs shape their scripts, and Italy’s unique locations provide striking environments for original student films.


Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a city that has inspired and nurtured artists for centuries. The first republic in Europe and the home of the Medici dynasty, Florence at its zenith was the cultural capital of the world drawing artists from around the globe. Florence today still buzzes with this vibrant history and inspires the next generation of creative minds. Florence is considered one of the world’s most outstanding cities to learn and practice the visual and creative arts, as the landscape bursts with beauty and stories abound in every palazzo and building.

Florence and all of Tuscany provide perfect open-air sets for shooting movies and learning the craft of filmmaking. Florence’s architecture is breathtaking: monuments, churches, bridges and ancient statues decorate the city in an incredibly unique way. Magnificent art galleries, including the Uffizi Museum contain some of the most famous works of the most important artists in the world.

Florence and Tuscany have been the set for many famous movies, such as “Room with a View,” “Hannibal,” “Under the Tuscan Sun,” “The English Patient,” “Inferno,” and many others.

Students are encouraged to scout locations and shoot their films using these amazing venues as backdrops for their movies. Students are also encouraged to explore and utilize other picturesque towns, such as Fiesole, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, and Chianti and to utilize these small towns and the natural environment of Tuscany as their sets — all a short bus or train ride away.


The New York Film Academy has an open enrollment; serious students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. No previous experience is required. New York Film Academy Workshops are extremely intensive and students should be prepared to live and breathe their work during these workshops. Given the nature of filmmaking and the necessity of working in crews, students must be willing to devote themselves not only to their own projects, but to their classmates’ projects as well. As space is limited, we recommend early application to guarantee a place in the program.


Students that meet the application requirements have the opportunity to receive U.S. regionally accredited transcripts.*

New York Film Academy is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and all NYFA Study Abroad locations and programs are regionally accredited by NYFA’s WASC status. The regionally-accredited transcripts for students that successfully complete NYFA Study Abroad programs are issued from NYFA’s Los Angeles Campus Registrar.

Get more information on studying abroad for transferable credit and see a full list of eligible international locations and programs here.

**Please note: The New York Film Academy makes no representation that credits awarded by NYFA will be accepted or applied toward the completion of any degree or certificate by any other postsecondary institution. The acceptance of transfer credits is always governed by the receiving school.


NYFA Florence is more than a traditional program of study. Our curriculum is focused, intensive, and extremely hands-on, requiring participants to work with self-discipline, energy, and commitment. English is the language of instruction at all NYFA locations. Currently, NYFA Florence offers courses of various lengths in Filmmaking, Photography, and Acting for Film.

Our diverse international faculty is comprised of experienced instructors and professional filmmakers who have earned their terminal degrees from the most prestigious film programs in the United States. The instructors at NYFA Florence are faculty from the College’s U.S. campuses in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and are among the institution’s longest standing and most respected teachers. As well, NYFA Florence often welcomes guest lecturers from the Italian and European filmmaking communities.


Not only does NYFA’s Florence campus offer hands-on and intensive Filmmaking and Acting for Film programs, but we also offer a range of exciting film-focused and cultural extracurricular activities that are unique to studying in Florence, Italy. Past activities have included a trip to see an ACF Fiorentina match, cinema-focused tours of Florence & Rome, filmmaking-related events, and so much more!

Students are given an immersive orientation at the Florence campus, which includes a 3-hour "Survival Italian” class with native-speaking Italian instructors, a tour of our facilities, equipment, nearby stores, transportation, markets, major art sites, and more.

Activities while studying at NYFA’s Florence campus may vary by program.


Diana Santi
Phone: +39 055 2699556
Address: Via Torta, 9
50122 Florence, Italy

For those interested in study abroad for credit, please email us at or call us at +1 212-674-4300.

Uffizi Galleries
The Galleria degli Uffizi is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. Here, you will find one-of-a-kind Renaissance masterpieces, including paintings by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo da Vinci.

The Accademia Gallery Museum
The Galleria dell’Accademia—or Accademia Gallery—is famous for its sculptures by Renaissance great, Michelangelo. His Prisoners (or Slaves), his St. Matthew and, of course, the awe-inspiring statue of David within the Tribune attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the museum every year.

Piazza della Signoria and Loggia de' Lanzi
This beautiful open piazza is just in front of the Palazzo Vecchio and hosts the Fountain of Neptune as well as many astonishing statues, including a replica of Michelangelo’s David. The Loggia dei Lanzi (an amazing outdoor sculpture gallery) is home to the statue of Perseus with the head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini and many others.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and Brunelleschi's Cupola
Climbing the Duomo, with the huge cupola by Filippo Brunelleschi, is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can have in the center of Florence. From there, you can overlook the whole city with a unique and dominating view.

Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio is one of the most photographed bridges in the world and was built at the narrowest point of the Arno River. It is the only remaining bridge with houses and shops on it.

Santa Croce
Piazza Santa Croce is one of the main plazas or squares located in the central neighborhood of Florence. It is located near Piazza della Signoria and the National Central Library, and takes its name from the Basilica of Santa Croce that overlooks the square. In front of the Basilica is the Monument to Dante sculpted by Enrico Pazzi. Every year in June, a field of sand is prepared for the annual Calcio Fiorentino (historic football) games.

The Oltrarno, the district on the other side of the river from Piazza della Signoria, is one of the more “intimate” areas of Florence, and in many ways feels like a small town. In this area you will find a lot of history and art heritage: monuments, museums, churches, palaces, parks, as well as craft shops, artisan workshops, mosaic-makers, wood carvers, gilders, and goldsmiths carrying on a centuries-old tradition.

Piazzale Michelangelo
Piazzale Michelangelo, with its magnificent panoramic view of the city, is also located in the Oltrarno district and is probably the most famous square in Florence. The view from here is justly renowned and has been reproduced on countless postcards and snapshots over the years.


Santa Croce, San Lorenzo, San Niccolò, and Ponte Vecchio


Mercato Centrale
Located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, the Mercato Centrale will give you the chance to live real Florentine culture—you will smell, see, and touch the freshest foods, and above all you will get to taste whatever catches your attention!

You should also know that the first floor of the “Mercato Centrale” now hosts high-quality restaurants and cafés where you can eat, have a drink, and relax.

Sant'Ambrogio Market
Another closed food market you should check out is Sant'Ambrogio Market, in the Sant'Ambrogio area of Florence. There you can find the most famous sandwich in Florence, the Panino al Lampredotto.

In Santa Croce, by NYFA, you can have the best gelato in the city. It is said to be the oldest gelato shop in Florence (founded in 1929), and its “Crema" flavor is outstanding (however all the other flavors are also incredible.)

And there are many trattoria and pizzeria to have a nice meal: Trattoria Pallottino, Tratoria Pepò, Fishing Lab, Alimentari Liberio e Luana, and many more!

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