Director, producer, and writer Chris Weitz shared his film, A Better Life, with students at the Los Angeles campus in November 2011. Directed by Weitz and starring Demian Bichir, the film has already received a considerable amount of Oscar buzz. Chris and his brother, Paul Weitz, directed and produced the mega-successful American Pie and wrote, produced, and directed the critically acclaimed About a Boy with Hugh Grant.

As a solo director, Chris directed Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman in The Golden Compass, as well as the blockbuster New Moon from the Twilight series. He also produced the Oscar-nominated film A Single Man and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and wrote the screenplays for the family films Antz and Madeline. Weitz answered questions about the writing process, film distribution, working with actors, film vs. digital, and choosing film projects.