During her visit to NYFA New York, the Los Angeles-born Tailor discussed her unique family to breaking stereotypes in casting, students were treated to her insights on navigating years of survival jobs before hitting a rhythm in the industry. “The big key is knowing your work so well that it doesn’t feel like work anymore,” Tailor told her audience of NYFA acting for film and musical theatre students. “Then you just get to play and enjoy it in the moment.”

Tailor is best known for her starring turn as Kady Orloff-Diaz in “The Magicians,” but NYFA students were inspired to hear the multifaceted artist’s story. “I was blessed in so many ways, but it wasn’t easy,” Tailor shared. “So I’ve always wanted to fight for people who were not privileged, who had a difficult time, and I am blessed to have this platform, and I feel it’s my duty to utilize it in any way I can… and I want to do work that inspires me and inspires others.”