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Dylan Mars Greenberg


When Dylan Mars Greenberg first came to New York Film Academy (NYFA), she was nine years old; one of the youngest students NYFA had ever enrolled at the school. In fact, due to NYFA’s program age restrictions, it was not common to have someone that young attend such an intensive program. However, Greenberg wowed NYFA early on with her film Ankh, which was inspired by director David Lynch, and the NYFA alum has never looked back since.

Greenberg has gone on to direct the films ReAgitator: Revenge of the ParodyGlamarusWakers, and Amityville: Vanishing Point. Her third film, Dark Prism, was covered internationally by VICERolling Stone, and Flavorwireamong others. She has also been featured in PAPER Magazine and has directed music videos for James Chance and the Contortions, Mac Gollehon, Pastel Confession, and many others.

Her latest film, Spirit Riser, stars Amanda Flowers, Cherie Currie, Kansas and Parker Bowling, Lynn Lowry, Jesse Yungbei, Patti Harrison, and will be narrated by the Tarantino-favorite Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vols 1& 2Reservoir Dogs).

Greenberg is also in a band called Theophobia, which began after her solo song and self directed video “Mia” became an unexpected success and premiered in PAPER Magazine.

Program Studied at NYFA: Digital Filmmaking
Program Type: Weekend HS Digital
Year Attended/Graduated: 2013
Location: New York
Credits: ReAgitator: Revenge of the ParodyGlamarusWakers, Amityville: Vanishing Point, Dark Prism, Spirit Riser


Theophobia - Will You Love Me When I'm Dead (Official Video HD)


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