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Rajni Mysore Chamaraj


Rajni Mysore Chamaraj is director, editor, and screenwriter, as well as a Film & Media Production MA alum from NYFA’s Los Angeles campus. Her film The Day I Met Joshua gained significant global acclaim and earned Chamaraj a Best Debut Director award at the Hollywood Film Awards and the Best Editor award in the New York Movie Awards. Rajni and her sister also celebrated a Best Original Story win at the Hollywood Gold Awards.

Chamaraj currently resides in India and recently wrote, directed, and edited a short Spanish web series in LA called Finding Home, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime UK and US. As of now, she is working on the set of a four-part anthology series about the lives of four urban Indian girls living in different cities of India, and the NYFA alum is working as a screenwriter for an Indo-American feature film to be shot in mid of 2022.

In 2021, Chamaraj, along with her sister, Shynica Mysore Chamaraj, was awarded a Stars Collective Grant from Starlight Media and Starlight Culture Entertainment.

Program Studied at NYFA: Film & Media Production
Program Type: MA
Year Attended: 2018
Location: Los Angeles
Credits: The Day I Met Joshua, Finding Home, Campfire



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