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New York Film Academy Welcomes Award-Winning Actor Bryan Cranston

May 9, 2016 Not too many actors have been able to achieve the success and versatility that Bryan Cranston has accomplished. Just when you thought Cranston couldn't break the mold of his iconic character as the dentist, Tim Whatley, on Seinfeld or Hal the father from Malcolm in Middle, he went and dominated cable television in an entirely different role as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

His career has continually evolved and grown not only in television, but in theatre and film as well. His depiction of Lyndon B. Johnson in the play All the Way earned him a Tony, and his portrayal of Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo received critical acclaim and an Oscar nom for Best Actor.

As part of the New York Film Academy's exclusive Guest Speaker Series for students and alumni, Cranston sat in for an informative Q&A with Producer Tova Laiter after a screening of his film, Trumbo.

Cranston inspired students with an abundance of advice and wisdom in terms of succeeding as an actor. The overall theme of his message was that to be an actor, you must be all in. You cannot give yourself a deadline or dabble in the art—it's all or nothing at all.

He also elaborated on the level of confidence needed when going on an audition with a director, producer, or casting agent. Actors should be thinking about how they can offer their talent to that particular project, and not be obsessing over simply getting the job. "Don't put yourself in a position of need," said Cranston. "You're there to give them something."

Cranston openly admitted that while it's disappointing when he doesn't land an audition, he bolsters his confidence with the belief that something better is going to come his way and he's in fact lucky he didn't get that particular gig.

Some of the most important pieces of advice came when Cranston stressed that young actors must "put in the hours," and show up to jobs on time and prepared. It's that commitment, along with his indisputable talent, that has put Cranston amongst Hollywood's acting elites.

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