NYFA fosters the collaborative spirit of visual and performing arts beyond the classroom, encouraging student-led initiatives and clubs. Whether you are seeking a group organized around cultural identity or a shared passion, clubs are an excellent way to build relationships with like-minded people.

The New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus, strives to ensure students feel this sense of belonging, while having an inspirational environment to further their craft.

Each club offers the chance to participate in and foster the campus experience by providing: volunteer and networking opportunities, professional experience, and leadership training. In addition, we ensure students are able to inspire and encourage each other by participating in joint activities and events.

The New York Film Academy is proud to support each of these clubs as they unify and inspire one another. We look forward to students growing together as a school and a community


ABA Club

The African Black American Film Society is a community dedicated to making change. Students harness their
dynamic ability to create, in order to make a lasting change, and shape views amongst the African Diaspora.
The ABA club attends regular industry events as well as hosting gatherings and mentoring in the

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Arab Club

The Arab Club strives to create a community in which students feel at home
and have the ability to study and work as a team.The Arab club hosts Arabic language screenings, holiday
celebrations, and brings regular guests to share the experiences of Arab filmmakers.

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The Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA) provides guidance,
support, and information to Chinese students at the New York Film Academy in order to ensure a smooth
transition into academic life. The Association also aims to increase community awareness of Chinese student
issues, advocate for Chinese students, and to organize and coordinate student events and cultural

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Dance Troupe

The Dance Troupe is an audition-only company of dancers and
choreographers who work together to create a live dance performance presented at the end of each semester.
The Troupe ventures into various styles of dance to create a new experience with each performance.

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Documentary Club

The Documentary Club helps foster a network of students interested
in documentary filmmaking. Through screenings, training and peer feedback, students will gain the skills
necessary to become better documentary filmmakers.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club understands that the environment is in
crisis and that it is the responsibility of society to take steps to find and implement necessary solutions.
The club’s objective is to create greater awareness about the actions a community can take to make positive

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club aims to create a gaming community, which provides the opportunity to meet other students who
are interested in games. The primary goal of the Gaming Club is to establish a friendly and energetic social
environment for the students. This club is for all NYFA students. If you have a game, the Gaming Club is the
place for you!

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Glee Club

The Glee Club is an audition-only choir that meets weekly to rehearse and prepare musical performances for
audiences on campus and in the local area. The Glee club performs live accompanied and A cappella
performances and might even show up in a music video from time to time.

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Improv Troupe

An audition-only performance group, the New York Film Academy Improv
Troupe meets weekly to perform improvisational theatre in which dialogue, action, story, and characters are
created. The Improv Troupe holds a live performance at the end of each semester.

They also perform on a regular basis at the Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles.

International Film Society

The International Film Society promotes cultural awareness of the international student community on the NYFA campus and the global community at large. The club is accessible to all current NYFA international students and alumni and fosters a diverse and supportive society where students from different backgrounds can meet and collaborate with each other.

Indian Club

The Indian Club is passionate about creating opportunities for students to celebrate Indian culture while creating a welcoming environment for new students seeking a home away from home. The Indian club hosts the Bollywood Dance class as well as supporting Indian film screenings both on campus and around Los Angeles.

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Latin Club

Our goal is to increase the awareness and exposure of Latin artists throughout the media and film industry. Together, we are working on projects which reflect excellence and quality, while representing our passions and beliefs. The Latin Club hosts celebrations of Dia de Los Muertos, Spanish language film screenings and attends cultural and industry events of Latin Culture throughout Los Angeles.

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The LGBTQ Straight Alliance provides guidance and information to LGBTQ and Straight Alliance students, faculty, staff and alumni of The New York Film Academy. The club strives to increase community awareness of LGBTQ issues, with the hopes of creating opportunities for LGBTQ Straight Alliance students to network and work together on creative projects. Join us to work and celebrate with pride throughout the year.

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Student Veterans Association

The Student Veterans Association provides guidance, support and information to veterans to ensure a smooth transition into academic and social life here at NYFA. The association strives to bring awareness of issues that impact veterans to the NYFA community and to advocate for all student veterans.

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Women’s Club

The Women’s Club empowers women to take a stand, by creating platforms that will have a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. The women’s club regularly attends industry events on gender in media as well as supporting their sisters in erasing the gender gap on campus and beyond.

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