Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Graphic Designers to Follow

January 28, 2015

Imagine the Internet without graphic design – rewind twenty years, and that’s pretty much what the Internet was like when it was purely text-based.

Of course, things have come a long way since 1995 and web-specific graphic designers have come to the fore to make the net a more visually interesting place. If you desire a career in graphic design or work as a graphic designer, here are ten Twitter accounts worth following.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Graphic Designers

New York Film Academy

Graphic design is a highly technical field, and New York Film Academy offers several courses in the theory and practice of design at its Graphic Design school. Our Twitter account serves to keep track of industry news and the progress of talented designers both within the school and further afield.


Graphic Design is a portal for graphic design professionals. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to read industry news, GD’s Twitter stream is a good source for current information.

Typography is an important part of graphic design, and Typographica provides professionals with reviews and articles about fonts and design.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s suite of design programs is the industry-standard in graphic design. Adobe Creative Cloud helps designers use and get the most out of Adobe products.

Design Museum

Museums aren’t just for paintings. The Design Museum showcases the best design in everything from buildings to matchbox labels.

The Creative Group

Looking for a design-related job? The Creative Group is a staffing agency that pairs creative professionals with companies seeking creative talent.

Graphic Design NYC

Graphic Design NYC is a social network – both virtual and physical – made up of designers and content creators. It aims to help professionals make connections and to share information with new professionals.

Gordon Kaye

Graphic Design USA is a magazine for graphic designers and creators. Published since 1963, it runs articles on career advice, successful designers, and industry news.


TAXI is a “global creative network” – a web site for creative professionals that publishes news from the design world, as well as provides a network for professionals. Their official Twitter account pushes out a nice summary of the best content on the site, making it one of the most essential Twitter accounts for graphic designers.

Designers & Books

Want to keep up with books on design? Designers & Books focuses on new and upcoming books related to design and identifies books likely to be of wide interest to design professionals.