Mother’s Day: Mothers in Film We Can’t Help But Love

May 12, 2017

With Mother’s Day giving us all a chance to focus on some very special people in our lives, these films prove that there’s nothing a mother won’t do for her offspring; they demonstrate the incredible willpower and love that mothers possess. With these mothers standing fiercely behind us, there’s nothing in the world that can’t be accomplished.

Warning: may contain spoilers. If you haven’t already seen these great films and series, go watch them right now!

Jessica Huang, “Fresh off the Boat”

Constance Wu plays this tough, no-nonsense mom who just wants the best for her kids. She’s focused on keeping them in touch with their Taiwanese heritage despite living in Florida. But while she’s a strict disciplinarian at home and at the family’s Western-themed steakhouse, she’ll do anything for her kids — even go to a rap concert with her hip-hop-obsessed son Eddie, the narrator of the show. Through Eddie’s eyes, Jessica is a strict but caring parent who is puzzled but yet accepting of her son’s love for African-American culture.

Leigh Ann Tuohy, “The Blind Side”

Based on a true story, this strong-willed and caring mother adopts 17-year-old Michael Oher, a homeless high school student with a drug-addicted mother and incredible football potential. Although she already has two children, Leigh Ann takes in Michael as one of her own and encourages him to pursue a career in professional football with the NFL. Michael’s future hangs precariously in the balance between a life on the streets and a college football future, but due in part to Leigh Ann’s motivation and belief in his skills, he chooses the college route at Ole Miss. Michael later went on to play in the NFL and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Leigh Ann Tuohy.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, “Modern Family”

There’s a reason “Modern Family” has won 21 Primetime Emmy Awards, 5 Writers Guild Awards, 2 SAG Awards, and 1 Golden Globe: it’s an incredibly well-executed show. Within that amazing environment, Sofia Vergara has been singled out for her own impressive list of award nominations for her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, a wife and mother who is passionate about her modern family. Vergara herself has won the People’s Choice Award for playing Gloria, and received a nomination for each season of her work for Best Actress in a Comedic Series at both the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards.

M’Lynn, “Steel Magnolias”

There’s nothing this fierce Southern mom won’t do for her young — including giving her a kidney. Portrayed by Sally Field, M’Lynn is the epitome of caring; she’s a social worker who is devoted to her family, especially her daughter Shelby and Shelby’s young son Jack. Fiery, passionate, and deeply rooted in her Louisiana heritage, M’Lynn is another mother we can’t help but love.

Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson, “Black-ish”

This accomplished mother wears many hats: she’s an anesthesiologist, a mom of four, and a black parent navigating the upper-middle-class world. Played with gusto by Tracee Ellis Ross, who received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Bow must shepherd her family through complex issues facing black families. While the show doesn’t hesitate to deal with police brutality, loss of culture, and LGBT issues, it’s Bow’s love and devotion to her family that anchors “Black-ish” and cements its high standing in the world of sitcoms.

Sarah Connor, “The Terminator”

This science fiction action film stars Linda Hamilton as a woman who becomes both a mother and a warrior. Her son will one day save mankind from the onslaught of machines — that is, if she doesn’t get killed first by a time-traveling mercenary known as the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). A muscular and toned Linda Hamilton played Connor in the franchise’s earlier movies, easily slinging around high-powered assault rifles in order to save both her son and the future of humanity. Sarah Connor shows us that mothers can totally bad-ass.

Miss Honey, “Matilda”

Let’s face it: after watching Matilda, everyone wanted Miss Honey as a mother! Played by Embeth Davidtz in the 1996 film, Miss Honey is a serene and nurturing presence who truly believes in young Matilda Wormwood’s brilliance. Meanwhile, Matilda’s biological mother is cold, uncaring, and more concerned with her hair color and her husband’s used-car scam than her daughter’s incredible abilities. Miss Honey eventually adopts Matilda in the end as the FBI raids her parents’ house and the Wormwoods prepare to flee to Guam.

Mrs. Gump, “Forrest Gump”

While the film focuses primarily on Forrest’s lucky chances, Mrs. Gump (also played by Sally Field) is a caring figure and the foundation of Forrest’s life, telling her special-needs son that he can do anything. Although his father has abandoned the family and Mrs. Gump runs a bed and breakfast on her own, she is a fiercely independent woman who encourages her son to overcome obstacles and follow his dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day! Who are your favorite film mothers? Let us know in the comments below!