“Nerve” Like Movies

July 25, 2016

Nerve is coming out on July 27. In the film, Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are brought together by a real world, high stakes game, where “players” are given tasks with cash prizes assigned upon completion. The game generates money from its “watchers,” who pay to watch the game take place. It’s hard to tell how the plot will unravel before the movie actually hits theatres. The trailers, however, hint that there may be a twist at the end, that the players will end up stuck in the game, or even that their lives may be at stake. It seems that the film excitingly combines elements of a teen action movie, with its young lead actors, and elements of a cyber conspiracy movie, as the players are controlled through surrounding technology, and the game controllers are able to hack into their lives using the Internet. Here are 5 other suspenseful movies where an overbearing organization – an anonymous hacker, a group of activists, or the government – takes control of the protagonist, leaving them with no means of escape other than to fight their way out.

Nerve ( 2016)

Eagle Eye (2008)

A regular guy is suddenly thrust into fugitive status as he discovers he has been framed for a serious crime, and the FBI wants to catch him. This is all controlled by a mysterious agency that communicates with him through surrounding technology in order to manipulate his life.

Source Code (2011)

The military is using top-secret technology to transport Captain Colter Stevens into the body of a man who died in a train explosion. This should help them catch the bomber before he makes another attack. But where is the Captain’s body?

The Purge: Election Year (2016)

In The Purge’s twisted version of America’s future, it becomes clear that the government is using the annual night of murder for political gain. Conspiracy, mystery, rebellion, mind games: you’ll find all of that and much more in this eerily real seeming film.

V for Vendetta (2005)

A vigilante terrorist faces off with a fascist government. But underneath the violent physical combat, a cyber war is taking place.

Her (2013)

Falling in love over the phone is one thing. But falling in love with the artificial intelligence operating system inside of your phone? That can’t be good.