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8 Summer Camp Packing Tips

Even if you packed weeks in advance, the morning before you head off to summer camp can be a stressful one as you check all your pockets and bags and wonder if there’s anything you forgot to bring. Maybe you won’t realize until a week into camp! By packing early and packing smart, you can do your best to avoid these stresses and focus on having the best time possible at your next camp. Here’s a few tips to help you pack for camp:

Check What the Camp Will Provide

Find out what will be provided for you at the camp by checking the camp’s website or the Packet you received after enrolling, or by calling your admissions counselors. That way you don’t have to burden yourself with redundant items. Packing light doesn’t just make your life easier; it helps you keep better track of everything you’re bringing.

Don’t Forget Shoes!

If you’re wearing a comfortable pair of shoes to travel on the day you leave for camp that are ready to fall apart, or are in a comfy pair of flip flops, you better remember to bring a better pair of shoes to survive the duration of your camp. Make sure they can survive some bad weather and will keep you comfortable—you’ll be on your feet most of the time because going to camp isn’t about sitting around playing video games all day!

Bring a Book

Bringing a book isn’t just a good idea for your trip to camp—it can a great way to unwind and relax in your downtime between camp activities. Even if you’ve brought your phone, a good old-fashioned book can do wonders. Taking your eyes off the screen and your mind out of social media can be exactly the break your brain needs at times.

Books on acting

Bring a Good Water Bottle

Staying hydrated in the heat or on a film set (which can get very hot very quickly under stage lights) is a must. New York Film Academy (NYFA) has water fountains scattered around campus, as do the parks you might find yourself in outside, so make sure you have a sturdy water bottle that can be filled at a moment’s notice.

Leave the Games At Home!

Whether it’s an iPad loaded with the best new gaming apps or a Nintendo Switch, there’s no reason to bring your favorite games to camp. Camp is about meeting new friends, learning new skills, and getting away from the trappings that surround you at home. You’ll be surrounded by fun, high-tech film equipment you can use to make your own movies, or if you’re attending NYFA’s Game Design camp, you can work on your very own video games! You may miss playing Fortnite with your buddies, but Tilted Towers will be waiting for you when you get home. You may even find the games more enjoyable after taking a much-needed break from them!

Make Sure You Have All the Gear You Need

Depending on which camp you attend at NYFA, you may need to bring certain items or types of equipment with you from home. Carefully check your camp website or check in with your admissions counselors to make sure you have exactly what you need, and don’t forget to bring everything the morning you head off for camp!

Bring the Right Bag

It’s not just important what you’re packing, but what you’re packing it in. Your bag should be large enough to fit everything with a little room to spare—just in case you need to add something last minute. It should be sturdy and able to hold everything you’re carrying, ideally with its own space for a water bottle so you can keep hydrated. Finally, you should check for any tears or holes—the last thing you need is something you remembered to pack falling out on your way to camp!

Make a List

Whether it’s a shot list or an annotated screenplay, lists are always a good practice. It’s also a great way to make sure nothing was left behind the day you leave for camp. For a week or two before you head out, start compiling a list of everything you’ll want to bring. When it comes time to pack, use this master list for a quick and painless packing session, and before you head out the door double check the list to make sure everything made it into your bags!

8 Reasons to Go to Summer Camp

Thinking about going to a camp this summer? Whether it’s a filmmaking camp, acting camp, screenwriting camp, or any other kind of camp, there’s a slew of reasons why this year you should pack your bags and head to camp! Here’s just a few:

Meet People From New Cultures

At New York Film Academy (NYFA), you’ll meet campers your age from all around the world. Whether collaborating on a short film, acting in a scene together, or hanging out in your down time, your experiences with these new cultures will only broaden and expand your own knowledge of all the world has to offer.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Camp can be a great boost to your self-confidence. Making new friends with similar interests can be hard during the school year, but at camp this happens all the time and is a great reminder that your hobbies and passions are well worth your time! Working on new projects will show you just how much you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Whether it’s breaking down a script, mapping out how to shoot a scene, or learning your lines, working in the visual arts constantly requires you to use your problem solving skills. The skills you’ll pick up at camp will help you solve problems in everyday life as well, giving you patience and a mastery of critical thinking.

Problem Solving Puzzle Rubick's Cube

Find New Interests

A great thing about attending a NYFA camp is that you will be exposed to campers from other programs working on all sorts of different projects. Maybe you came to NYFA to learn how to act but discover you prefer working behind the camera instead. By seeing several visual arts being taught at once, you’ll have many opportunities to explore new interests you may not have ever considered before!

Learn Collaboration

When working in the visual arts, it is essential that you learn how to work well with others. Indeed, most movies come from the creativity and hard work of several people working together, constantly bouncing ideas off one another and workshopping problems together. NYFA camps will help you work with other campers to make the best projects possible, and teach you valuable skills you can use in life outside of camp.

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Use the Creative Side of Your Brain

During the school year, you may find yourself focusing more on math and spelling and history tests, exercising the left side of your brain more than the right. Attending a NYFA camp during the summer will help give your creative side some love, exercising your imagination and preparing you for a more well-balanced education later in the year!

Get a Head Start on the Digital Media Landscape

Digital media is constantly changing, from hardware to software to artistic and visual trends in cinema, television, and web content. NYFA camps will teach you solid fundamentals in the visual arts that will help you keep up with all the new equipment, techniques, and trends that will continue to evolve as you grow older and pursue a career.

It’s a Great Way to Spend the Summer!

While you could spend all day indoors boosting your Fortnite skills, what better way to spend the summer than trying something new and meeting a bunch of people who share similar interests! By the start of the new school year, you could have new friends and new skills in something you’re deeply passionate about—whether it’s acting, filmmaking, animation, photography, or everything else NYFA can teach you at camp!

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7 Activities to Beat the Heat This Summer

Attending camps at New York Film Academy (NYFA) will give you all sorts of new skills and experiences, no matter which program or location you choose. While you might be coming to make new friends with shared interests and learning a particular set of skills, you’ll still have time for extracurricular activities in the evenings or during your downtime.

Here’s just some of the activities you might find yourself doing at a NYFA Camp this summer:

Game Nights

Game Nights are a favorite for NYFA campers during weeknights, where you might find yourself trying new games or teaching your friends your personal favorites! The filmmaking industry can be competitive—but not nearly as much as a game of Monopoly!


Depending on the location you choose for your NYFA camp, you might be seeing a brand new city for the first time. Organized sightseeing visits with your fellow campers and counselors will show you some of the coolest places these locales have to offer.

Sightseeing Hiking Tourist

Seeing New & Classic Movies

After a long day of working hands-on with some serious film equipment, a great way to boost your filmmaking skills in a different way is to watch the masters at work. By going on trips to local movie theaters to see the latest blockbuster, or watching a classic movie from before you were born, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and pick up some ideas for your own projects.


Similarly, going to museums can be a great way to expand your knowledge and culture, inspiring your work in ways you may have never considered. Art and history come in many forms, and the wider your repertoire the stronger your own creativity will be no matter what your discipline.

Museum Art

Cool Places to Eat

Museums can be awe-inspiring, but they don’t always have the best cheeseburgers. Camp counselors will bring you to the coolest and most interesting places to eat around town. After all, what better way to learn a new city than by trying the local cuisine!

Beaches & Theme Parks

Most NYFA camps are held during the summer, so a trip to the beach is usually a great way to beat the heat, whether it’s enjoying the sea breeze or diving into the cool, refreshing waves. You can also expect trips to local theme parks where you can challenge your new friends at boardwalk games or see who’s up for the scariest rides.

Guest Speakers

One huge advantage to attending NYFA camps is having access to NYFA’s great guest speakers. Throughout the year, actors, directors, writers, producers, animators, photographers, and other luminaries from every discipline will come and speak to NYFA students. If they happen to be speaking during your stay at NYFA, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to learn directly from the greats!

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