Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Photography

January 28, 2015

Photography has come a long way since the daguerreotype, transforming into both an artform and a profession over the past century.

Photographers are in high demand these days for commercial, as well as artistic, endeavors. Fortunately, social media makes it easier for photographers to network and learn from one another’s shared experiences from the field; with this in mind, let’s take a whistle stop tour of:

The Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Photography

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy’s Photography School offers several degrees, programs, and workshops for those seeking a career in photography. As such, our Twitter stream is a good place to find a daily dose of inspiration as well as links to articles related to photography as both an art and profession.

Travel Photography

One of photography’s best uses is to document travel around world. Travel Photography post links to stunning travel photographs from all over the world.


500px is an online community for photographers to share and sell their photographs. The quality of photographs is second-to-none.

PP Magazine

Professional Photography Magazine focuses on the business of photography. Follow its account for photography tips, articles, and industry news.

Digital Photo

In the past two decades, the technology of photography has transitioned from chemical to digital. Digital Photo Magazine is dedicated to digital photography and technology.

National Geographic

For over a century, National Geographic has documented earth and its many cultures in its famous magazine. Its photographs are often iconic and demonstrate the power of photography as a way to document the world.

Andy Katz Photo

New York-based Andy Katz has written several photography books, and his work has been displayed in museums, galleries, and album covers. He also represents Sony digital cameras as an “Artisan of Imagery.”

Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier is also an Artisan of Imagery for Sony, and she focuses on conservation issues in her photography. She combines travel photography with photojournalism to document the world.

NYT Sports

An important sub-field of photography is sports photography, which captures the drama of athletics in ways that television cameras cannot capture. NYT Sports is dedicated to sports news in general, but it also tweets sports photos and highlights some of the best of the bunch.

Digital Camera World

The camera is the photographer’s tool, and Digital Camera World is a source for tips and information about cameras and photography.

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