12-Weekend Teen Filmmaking Camp in Los Angeles, CA
Teen Student from Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t watch a movie the same way anymore. I think, ‘That’s a good shot.’ ‘Look at that angle!’ In the first hour of my first class, I operated a dolly. And what better teachers? They all work in the Industry. Trams pass by while you’re filming [at the Universal Studios back lot], and someone says, ‘There’s the next Steven Spielberg.’ I decided to work on my cinematography [in another NYFA camp].”


1- Week Acting for Film Camp in Gold Coast, Australia
Teen Student from Armidale, Australia

“My time at the New York Film Academy, doing the teen camp, was such an amazing experience. I got to work on the thing I love to do and gain friends while doing it, in a safe, fun and educational environment. With the most amazing teachers, I learnt so much about acting, from how auditions work to acting skills and building up confidence. Even as a shy person my confidence was built up and the experience was amazing. Going to NYFA was a life changing experience that I will always cherish and I plan to go back there for longer.”


3-Week Musical Theatre in Harvard
Teen Student from Shanghai, China

“Musical Theater camp at NYFA is the best experience I’ve ever got in my entire life. And thank you for letting me see things inside of me that I have never expected before. During these three weeks, what I learnt is far more than just musical theater. Therefore, I give my sincere gratitude …

…I learnt to feel and respect my own emotion. I learnt to treat people around me as a family. I learnt to tolerate. I learnt to connect with other people and feel empathy. I learnt about the power of music. I learnt that I am not alone from the help of you and William, and everybody in musical theater; therefore I learnt to live for a better reason — to help others…”


1- Week Acting for Film Camp in Gold Coast, Australia
Teen Student from Gold Coast, Australia

“The course was amazing! The best experience with the best equipment and setup. It felt like I was actually on set. I learnt so much and the instructors were fantastic. Thanks for a great experience.”


3-Week Filmmaking Camp in New York City
Teen Student from Torres, Portugal

“My time at NYFA taught me much more than I could have imagined. During this program, I learned about all the technical aspects of the filmmaking process in a fast-paced environment, as well as the importance of telling a story and how to tell a story. It was an amazing experience, which deeply changed my perspective and encouraged me to move forward. NYFA helped me find my voice and definitely made me realize this is what I want to do.”


3-Week Filmmaking Camp in Los Angeles
Parent of Teen Student from Surrey, United Kingdom

“I cannot say a big enough thank you to all – David has obviously had a thoroughly enjoyable time with you. He has talked more or less non-stop since he landed yesterday morning; pausing only to go on Facebook to contact all the new friends he’s made from around the world. Within 10 minutes of being in the front door, he was already proudly showing us his second film. He’s now trying to calculate how on earth he might be able to earn enough money to do another course next year! ‘Awesome’ is the word he keeps repeating! He says it’s been the best three weeks of his life so far and he has grown immeasurably as a result.

From a parent’s point of view, he’s obviously been well looked after and the fact he didn’t miss us, tells me how much of a success the course was at keeping them busy and focused. I can appreciate how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to make it so worthwhile. From my initial enquiries to keeping in touch, you’ve been brilliant. Thanks.”


3-Week Acting for Film in Florence, Italy
Parent of Teen Student from Croatia

“She returned last weekend, ecstatic over the three weeks of summer school, with all her dreams not only intact, but reinforced by what she’d learnt, how she’d performed, the new friends that she’d made, but most of all, by the support she’d received from the NYFA staff, who so positively and enthusiastically challenged her to follow her dream.”


2-Week Acting for Film Camp in New York City
Parent of Kids Camp Student from New York City

“Fiona had a terrific time in the program. She walked on air every day afterwards and would lead the family in acting games at the dinner table. Thank you for all your help.”


3-Week Acting for Film Camp Walt Disney World® Resort
Parent of Teen Student from Aiken, SC

“My daughter had the time of her life and it really ignited her passion for acting. The instructors and their personal connection with the kids was amazing. [She] made friends from around the globe and has maintained those relationships. I think it is important for kids to see how big and different the world is…to broaden their horizon…and this did that for her.”


1-Week Filmmaking Camp in Florence, Italy
Teen Student from Barbengo, Switzerland

“I really enjoyed getting together in groups and shooting our short films. It was an extremely hands-on experience, which proved to be a great collaborative effort and it was simply very fun.

What made the experience so amazing was the group, and I made great lasting friendships, and the camp was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.”


4-Week Acting for Film in Paris, France
Parent of Teen Student from Mountain, CA

“Want to thank you for all the work you put into organizing the high school film program in Paris. I can only speak for Evan (though I am sure this goes for all the students) when I say that he gained more than I could have hoped for. This was the first time that Evan worked in a group of colleagues that share his same passion and have as much experience as he has. He has come away from the program with much confidence and maturity. As a parent, that is all you ever hope for from their experiences. You all do a fabulous job and give these students a clear insight into this very complex craft. Bravo!”


1-Week Acting for Film Camp in New York City
Teen Student from Wayne, NJ

“NYFA was the greatest experience I could ask for. Within one week I made a lifetime of memories with a ton of people I can now call family. I still talk to most of the people every day, and have even grown more closer with others. It made me more confident in myself, and in my acting, and I couldn’t ask for much more. I would absolutely love to do it again.”


4-Week Musical Theatre Camp in New York, NY
Parent of Teen Student from Buenos Aires, Argentina

“This is a quick note just to thank you for all the care you gave Sofia, and the high quality of the program and all the teachers at the NYFA summer camp. For us, her parents, it was very reassuring and comforting the way her security and care was handled. At all times we felt she was, far away, in a safe, friendly and caring environment. Sofia is delighted with her experience, and for sure we would heavily recommend this experience to everybody interested — in Argentina or everywhere else.”


4-Week Filmmaking Camp in New York, NY
Parent of Teen Student from Ramallah, Palestine

“I would like to thank you all for the great job you did with the students of this summer camp. My daughter Natalie has gone to other filmmaking sumer schools in the last two years and I never saw her as happy as she was this time. You gave her knowledge and happiness and, most importantly, you directed her to discover what she really wants to study at university. I appreciate what you did for my daughter, and I, as a Palestinian film producer and university lecturer, will advice all the students I know to go and discover this knowledge as my daughter has at NYFA.”


1-Week Kids Filmmaking Camp in South Beach, Miami
Parent of Student from Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to thank you for the summer camp that Santino participated. As usual, you made him feel very comfortable and happy in an environment where he can fully express his creative thoughts related to filmmaking — as well as learning a lot about the subjects that he is interested in, and that are taught by excellent professors and professionals in the area, with whom he has felt at ease. Next summer camp you can definitely count on seeing Santino!”


4-Week Teen Acting for Film II Camp in New York City, NY
Parent of Teen Student from Glencoe, IL

Our daughter is excited to come back for a third summer at NYFA, this time for filmmaking. She is excited to return and work with your professional staff. Her friendships with people from around the world have continued and are as strong as they were during the summer. In her spare time she is working on a documentary about the effect of special needs children on their siblings. NYFA has been great to her and for her, and I wanted to thank you again for such a great program. Her thespian passion and her personal growth have been truly amazing each summer.”