University of the Arts Students Transfer to NYFA

Dear University of the Arts Students,

The faculty and staff at New York Film Academy (NYFA) are saddened to hear about the recent closure of University of the Arts. In response to these circumstances, NYFA has created an agreement with University of the Arts to offer UArts students the ability to transfer to NYFA, a regionally-accredited freestanding film, media, and performing arts college with campuses in campuses in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

We at NYFA have worked to create a smooth transition for UArts students to transfer credits from UArts into NYFA degree and certificate programs, with the following considerations to help you as you pursue your educational and professional goals.


NYFA will waive its normal course/credit transfer policies for students transferring from UArts. 

Specifically, NYFA will: 

  • Apply eminently flexible transfer criteria in order to accept the greatest number of credits possible and allow students to graduate with the least possible interruption to their original educational plans. 
  • Waive its maximum limit of transferable credits, as well as waive the types of courses that can be accepted for transfer.
  • Waive its residency requirements for all previous courses taken at UArts or other prior institutions on the students’ transcripts. 
  • Waive the requirement for all credits to be associated with course grades of “C” or above and instead accept all applicable passing grades.


NYFA will waive its application fee for students applying for transfer from UArts. 

NYFA will honor UArts’ per-credit tuition rates and fees for transfer students’ coursework completed at NYFA. Students will also be eligible for additional institutional aid from NYFA.


NYFA will waive its supplemental admissions materials requirements for transfer students; specifically, it will waive its requirements for letters of recommendation, creative portfolios, and English language proficiency scores. 

NYFA has very helpful offices for financial aid students, students using Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, and international students. 

The following is a list of some of the more easily transferable programs between UArts and NYFA, but NYFA’s admissions office will work closely with every UArts student to create the smoothest possible pathway to a degree or certificate, regardless of which program the student has already attended at University of the Arts.

Undergraduate Programs

UArts Program NYFA Program(s)
Musical Theatre, BFA BFA Musical Theatre
Acting, BFA BFA Acting for Film
Film, BFA BFA Filmmaking
Screenwriting, BFA BFA Screenwriting
Animation, BFA BFA 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Film & Animation, BFA BFA 3D Animation and Visual Effects/BFA Filmmaking
Photography, BFA BFA Photography

Getting Started at NYFA

We look forward to welcoming you and providing you with valuable insights about our programs and how to transfer your UArts credits. To be contacted by NYFA about UArts transfers, please click here. 

Be sure to register for any of our several upcoming Live Online Information Events. Event descriptions and registration can be found at: NYFA Live Events

Taking a Campus Tour

Prospective students are invited to visit NYFA New York, Los Angeles or Miami in-person to learn more about our programs and campuses. Find Open House dates at your nearest NYFA campus here.

In the meantime, if you’d like to speak with an admissions representative, please call 212.674.4300 x1141 or email