2-Week Online Summer Filmmaking Camp for Kids

Hands-on Filmmaking for Kids

During our 2-week online summer camp, kids bring their stories to life and learn how to compose, direct, light and edit for quality images. In the first week, campers create a short silent continuity film, working with their own digital cameras, such as an iPhone. In the second week, students build upon their knowledge to create a film of greater complexity, to be viewed at their end of camp screening.

Program Description

Program Name: 2-Week Filmmaking Camp for Kids – Online

Class Descriptions

Screenwriting – Students continue to explore screenwriting structure and work to build a fundamental understanding of story, adding elements of dialogue to their second film.

Directing – Students learn more about how a director communicates a story to their audience. Focused on aspects of visual storytelling and continuity-style scene coverage, this class also teaches the way a director prepares for production.

Cinematography – Students learn the fundamentals of cinematography, creative visual storytelling and camera operation as applied to shooting with a mobile device.

Editing – Students learn the basics of editing theory and application, gaining experience in apps such as iMovie and Adobe Rush. Students continue to learn how to create a timeline, insert and splice footage, add in special digital effects like transitions and filters and how to successfully export their projects.

Final Screening/Graduation – The final screening celebrates the students final work by viewing all the films in a screening. Students also participate in a lively discussion about directorial choices.

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