3-Week Acting for Teens Camp

Summer Camp for Acting at NYFA

Students who have already completed a level-one prerequisite acting camp may return to continue their studies in film acting. During NYFA’s three-week, level two acting camp for teenagers, students aged 14-17 are challenged to build upon the skills learned in the level one program, helping them enhance their on-camera abilities through rigorous exercises and hands-on projects.

Program Description

Camp Name: 3-Week Acting for Film Camp II for Teens

Prerequisite: 12-Weekend, 3, 4 or 6-Week Acting for Film Camp

NYFA’s 3-Week Acting for Film II Camp offers students the opportunity to grow their acting skills in a creative, supportive environment. Throughout their three weeks at NYFA, teens work to advance their skills in voice, movement, and improvisation, as well as audition technique and scene study, learning from professional actors and directors. Students may also study topics such as Shakespeare, stage combat, dialects, film craft, and more.

Students complete an assigned monologue, as well as an assigned scene on-camera, which is recorded by our faculty and edited by our in-house production and post-production staff. At the end of the camp, students receive a digital copy of their work. There is also a final screening for family members and invited guests. To provide students with as much on-camera time as possible, they may also audition for roles in peer filmmaking projects.

To learn more about NYFA’s teen summer camps, see the NYFA Camp Brochure.


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