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Acting for Film
Musical Theatre

To audition for the acting for film conservatory or degree programs at the New York Film Academy, prospective students must submit an application. Applications can be completed online or brought to the audition. There is a $65 application fee required.

Please prepare two contemporary monologues from either a play or screenplay Monologues should be contrasting, one dramatic, one comedic Monologues must be approximately 60-90 seconds in length.

Read through different selections of material until you find something that feels like you; material that you can relate to and makes you feel something emotional as you read. Please do not choose monologues that are overly sexual, profane, violent or suicidal in nature.

Select monologues that are age-appropriate and allow you to express the uniqueness of who you are and speak to your strengths.

Helpful Monologue Resources
  • http://monologue
How to Prepare Your Monologue

Now that you've chosen your monologues, you have to make them yours. You should read the entire play or screenplay, as it will help you make specific choices. Your monologue must be memorized.

When choosing a piece from a film you may also transcribe the piece and then work from the written text, rather than re-watching the original actor’s performance. We are looking for your unique interpretation of the material.

If you are not able to audition in person you can record your submission and submit digitally.

How to Record Your Audition

Start with an Introduction. Please state your name and the title of the piece you are performing. Deliver this part to the camera.

Eye line. Find the place off-camera where you can direct your piece. Do not look into, above or below the camera.

When you film the monologue, you want to capture your whole body or 3⁄4 of your body, not just your face.

Sound and lighting. Make sure we can hear you (good sound) and see you (good lighting) clearly.

Background. Do not have distractions in the background (posters, activity, etc.)

Wardrobe. Wear clothes that do not distract from your performance. This includes shirts with large logos or statements, hats, or anything that hides your face from the camera.

Props. The general rule of using props for auditions is NO, unless it absolutely enhances your performance and does not take our focus away from you. If you feel it helps you, simple everyday items like a cell phone, purse, sweater or jacket would be fine.

Do not: smoke, use prop weapons, or mime anything in your performance.

Important Note: Enjoy your performance! It will show us your passion and commitment to acting, and allow the true you to come through.

Uploading Your Material:

Upload your monologues, separately, using one of the following:
  • Unlisted YouTube Links
  • Vimeo links with password
  • Google Drive with "share-able” link
To audition for the Professional Conservatory of Musical Theatre at NYFA, prospective students must submit an application. Applications can be completed online or brought to the audition. There is a required $65 application fee for the 1 & 2-Year Musical Theatre Conservatory Programs and a $50 application fee for the 4-Week Musical Theatre Workshop.

Please prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs and one monologue from a contemporary American play (each piece should be approximately 60-90 seconds in length).
  • When auditioning at the New York City location, a pianist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in a three-ring binder and in the correct key.
  • For all other auditions outside of the NYC campus, please bring an accompaniment backing track with you on a USB or mobile device (instrumental only, no vocals included).
  • We will not accept a cappella auditions (singing without music).
  • For video submissions, please make sure to include your name, the titles of the pieces and shows you are performing from, and the program that you are applying to.
Please do not choreograph your audition, use props, or perform into a microphone. We ask that you choose material that is age- and type-appropriate. It is important to remember that you must act your songs, so find pieces that excite you and that you have a personal connection to. The more connected you are to the character's circumstances, the more we are able to see your talent and personality.

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