Must-See Netflix Shows and Films

June 20, 2023

With great shows like Wednesday and Better Call Saul in its library, Netflix is a huge contender in the streaming space. If the shows released in 2023 are any indicator, they are poised to continue playing big in the world of entertainment and original content. If you want to delve into the incredible treasure trove of content currently on the platform and coming soon, we have a great jumping-off point with a list of must-see Netflix shows and films in 2023.

Must-See Netflix Shows and Films (Updated for Summer 2023)

When we had the honor of interviewing Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, he talked about building the Netflix empire and creating winning content. Judging by the shows we’re planning on watching this year, some of which our talented alumni are working on, his vision is coming to fruition, and we expect that Netflix will only get better. 

Here are some of the best new shows and films on Netflix in 2023, updated with the latest news from the Tudum 2023 Global Fan Event in Brazil!

The Archies

The Archies is an international rom-com and feature film adaptation of the famous comics. Produced by Tiger Baby and Graphic India, the live-action musical is set in 1960s India and was directed by Zoya Akhtar. At the center of the film is the beloved Archies gang. The cast includes Mihir Ahuja, Dot, NYFA alum Khushi Kapoor, NYFA alum Suhana Khan, Yuvraj Menda, Agastya Nanda, and Vedang Raina.

A quick glimpse of new footage was provided at this month’s Tudum event. We even saw a performance by The Archies cast, including #NYFAAlums Khushi Kapoor and Suhana Khan! Header Image Photo Credit- Netflix.


This hit four-part docuseries follows the engaging stories of mermaid enthusiasts. While the show sounds magical and whimsical, it tugs at your heartstrings as audiences learn the emotional and physical challenges that professional mermaids go through to make it in a competitive and niche industry.

NYFA Photography Instructor Andreanna Seymore served as an Executive Producer on the series. NYFA alum Odinger Mitchell (Cinematography student and Photography alum), Aashish Chandratreya (NY Photography alum), and Alexandra Schaefer (NY Photography alum) also all worked on MerPeople.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story 

Netflix released a limited prequel series for the ever-charming Bridgerton, and we are here for it. The series tells more of the back story of Queen Charlotte, who was not exactly a main character in the history books. The show was released in May 2023 and had rave reviews.

Bridgerton: Season Three

At the Tudum event in 2023, Netflix also announced another visit to Bridgerton!

Get ready for some scandalous romance in Bridgerton Season 3. The first images have been released, and all eyes are on Penelope and Colin as the central love story. Don’t miss out on this steamy and exciting season.

The Sandman: Season Two

Neil Gaiman created Morpheus as a comic book hero on a mission right the power balance in his realm. While there was speculation on whether this dream team would be back for a Season 2, all signs indicate an announcement soon.

“This is Sandman being made for people who love Sandman, by people who love Sandman, and that is so incredible for me,” said Gaiman in an article with Tudum. “It’s been so special. I feel like I’m on the cusp, and I cannot wait until people see this show.”

Glamorous: Season One

Since the spin-off of Sex and the City, And Just Like That launched, fans have been missing Samantha Jones, played by NYFA Guest Speaker Kim Cattrall. Thankfully, Netflix has given us a lifeline with the charming and delightful series Glamorous, placing Cattrall in the starring role she deserves.

Cattrall, who plays a model turned makeup company entrepreneur, mentors an aspiring influencer.

That 90s Show: Season One 

Everybody loves a great comeback sitcom, and That 90s Show does not disappoint. Reprising their roles as Red and Kitty, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are the magic that makes this sitcom so loveable. Now, the grandparents, the dynamic duo, find a new purpose in helping shape another rag-tag group of teens. Best of all? That 90s Show takes place in the very same basement where thankfully, nothing has changed. Every episode is dripping with fun-loving humor and come-of-age wisdom. It’s a binge-worthy mood boost waiting for your next free weekend. Watch the trailer to get hooked, or just start streaming it now.

Insecure: All Seasons

All seasons of the Emmy award-winning Insecure are now streaming on Netflix. Starring NYFA alum Issa Rae as “Issa Dee”, the series follows Issa and her friends through their experiences living in Los Angeles.

Issa Rae | NYFA Alum
Image via HBO

The series depicted relatable scenarios such as breakups, career struggles and achievements, featuring complex characters. Issa will be seen next in the 2023 adaptation of Barbie, where she will play one of the Barbies in Barbie Land.

Vikings: Valhalla: Season Two 

Historical fiction fans will swoon for the drama and history in Vikings: Valhalla. The series delves into the story of Leif Erikson, a prominent name in any Viking history book worth its salt. Pagan religion goes up against Christianity in a story that toes the line between historical accuracy and dramatic license. It’s violent. It’s bold. It’s ready for your viewing pleasure. Not convinced yet? Take a look at this in-depth review before you commit. Image via Netflix.

Emily in Paris: Season Four

We always enjoy our Parisian virtual holidays with Emily, and in 2023, Netflix teased season four of the hit series. While we’re waiting for another trip abroad, why not seize the opportunity to enhance your skills with NYFA in Paris? (Picture source Harper’s Bazaar.)

Starting July 16th, explore our Youth programs and embark on a learning experience like no other. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity – get started on our site. With season four set to bring us to Italy, also don’t miss our available programs at our NYFA Florence campus.


Spaceman is a sci-fi film about an astronaut sent on a solo mission to collect mysterious ancient dust. Based on Czech author Jaroslav Kalfar’s novel Spaceman of Bohemia, the film stars Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Kunal Nayyar, and NYFA alum Paul Dano. The astronaut, Jakub, is portrayed by Sandler, who fears losing his mind in space as he believes he has befriended an alien. The film is expected to be released in the Fall of 2023.

Never Have I Ever: Season Four

The final season of Never Have I Ever, released earlier this June, is still making waves. Did you know that Megan Suri, a.k.a. Aneesa Qureshi on #NHIE, recently joined our incredible group of graduates at NYFA LA earlier this year?

The eloquent commencement speech she delivered left a deep-rooted inspiration in the hearts of our newest graduates, fostering within them a preparation for their upcoming journeys.

Outer Banks: Season Four

Now in a third season, Outer Banks is a teen drama that tells the story of a group of best friends growing up in a touristy vacation town full of secrets and mysteries. “There is the same kind of feeling, where it’s gonna be high-adrenaline, high-octane — but new shades,” says Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, in an interview about the new season with The Hollywood Reporter.

We spotted NYFA Alum Samantha Soule as Anna and can’t wait to dig in to see where this hunt takes the best friends next. Get ready for more heart-pumping action and adventure as The Pogues are set to make a triumphant return for the fourth season of Outer Banks, announced in 2023!

You: Season Four

In 2023, Joe Goldberg is back in the psycho-thriller that is oddly likable. No, wait, he’s a killer stalker, and we must hate him—and Penn Bagley cannot emphasize that enough. “Loving or sympathizing with Joe is not okay,” says the lead actor, who is back to reprise his role. This season brings us across the pond to London, England, where Joe has a new identity and a new cast of characters to explore.

While there is no official release date for the fifth and final season, Penn Bagley did send audiences an update at Tudum 2023. He teased the return of Joe Goldberg’s mysterious former enemies in You S5, including the beloved Jenna Ortega!

Elite: Season Seven

Elite Season 7 has a release date of October 20th. With Head Writer and NYFA Alum Jaime Vaca at the helm, the show features Brazilian pop star Anitta. The entire cast is set to return, including Omar Ayuso, who will get a new love interest.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Season Two

What started as a film back in 2011 is now a full-blown series starring our very own Manuel Garcia Rulfo as Mickey Haller, who is a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Why Lincoln? Because Mickey practices law out of his Lincoln town car.

The series picks up where the movie ended. And Big Little Lies fans will recognize the producer David E. Kelley. His producing skills speak for himself, but as a lawyer in a previous life, David is especially in his element with the Lincoln Lawyer series. The Lincoln Lawyer returns this summer (Part 1 on July 6 and Part 2 on August 3) — here’s your first look at Season 2 featuring Lana Parrilla of Once Upon a Time! Image via Netflix.

Married to Work

Married to Work hit Netflix in 2022, and is still streaming! NYFA MFA Screenwriting graduate Angela Ruhinda worked on this project, and she piqued our interest with this coy tweet and teaser image. The story is about a businesswoman and her boss who devise a scheme to convince an investor that they’re married. In a true enemies-to-lovers storyline, this is guaranteed to be a fun film.

Back to 15: Season Two

Anita Rocha, portrayed by NYFA Alum Maisa Silva is back and ready to take you on a time-traveling adventure. What’s in store for Anita after all her travels? Find out on Season 2 of the beloved Brazilian show De Volta Aos 15, hopefully coming to Netflix this year.

Did you know that #NYFAAlum Amanda de Acevedo was also part of Back to 15 S.1? Image via Netflix.

The Crown: Season 6 

Real-life events crash into the world of historical drama in this series that tells the extraordinary story of Queen Elizabeth II. Her recent death and the controversy in the royal family give this series a new context, though it has been called out by critics for being too liberal with the story.

Audiences see the world of the late Princess Diana, following her close relationship with her sons, struggles with the press, and separation and divorce from Prince (now King) Charles. Previous seasons of The Crown featured NYFA Alum Alfredo Tavares, who also had a role on Bridgerton. 

Stranger Things: Season Five

2023 confirmed it – Stranger Things is coming back, and Linda Hamilton is joining the cast! While exact dates are still up in the air due to the writers’ strike, the anticipation for this highly-anticipated season is off the charts. Hold onto your Eggo waffles, folks – things are about to get strange once again!

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There you have it. A run-down of what we know is coming and what is currently on Netflix in 2023. We won’t lie; we are pretty proud to have many alums of NYFA’s filmmaking programs in the credits! If you feel inspired by some of these great television shows and want to explore your passion for television and filmmaking, check out our programs in screenwriting, film, acting, and more!