A Conversation with 1-Year Filmmaking Conservatory Alum & Director Florian Gunzenhauser

September 22, 2022

New York Film Academy (NYFA) 1-Year Filmmaking alum Florian Gunzenhauser is a filmmaker and assistant director from Switzerland. His directing, writing, and filmmaking credits include the television shows Voice of Switzerland, The Bachelor (Switzerland), and The Bachelorette (Switzerland).

Gunzenhauser’s thesis short film Glasgow, as part of his conservatory program with NYFA, won ‘Best Drama Short’ at the 2022 Coney Island Film Festival. The film follows the story of a young delivery man named Kyrie who befriends an older widower named George. Following their unusual friendship, the two men rethink how they approach their own lives. 

The director Gunzenhauser is currently in pre-production as a first assistant director for the upcoming feature film Silver Star, starring Sydney Sweeney and Shameik Moore.

Gunzenhauser spoke with NYFA about his filmmaking journey, career trajectory, and upcoming projects. 

New York Film Academy (NYFA): What brought you to New York Film Academy to pursue filmmaking?

Florian Gunzenhauser (FG): I’m 31 years old and from Switzerland. I was working as a television director for roughly five years and directed shows like Voice of Switzerland, The Bachelor (Switzerland), and The Bachelorette (Switzerland). I came to NYFA because I wanted to see whether the film world was something for me after the extensive work I did in television.

NYFA 1-Year Filmmaking Conservatory alum Florian Gaunzenhauser
NYFA 1-Year Filmmaking Conservatory alum Florian Gaunzenhauser

NYFA: What was your experience directing The Bachelor (Switzerland) and The Bachelorette (Switzerland)?

FG: Directing television shows is fascinating, even though I’ve done it a few times now. I had the chance to travel to places like South Africa and Thailand to see real people potentially fall in love. I was fortunate enough to work with very interesting characters over the years, so I always enjoyed going back to those productions.

NYFA: What projects have you worked on since graduating from NYFA’s 1-Year Conservatory Filmmaking program?

FG: Since graduating, I’ve been working in commercials as a 1st assistant director for brands like BoohooMAN, LIDL, and JVN, and the TV pilot for Here She Comes. I’ve also been working on the television film From Paradise With Love.

My thesis film Glasgow just won ‘Best Drama Short’ at the 2022 Coney Island Film Festival!

NYFA: What is Glasgow about?

FG: The short film follows a young delivery man, Kyrie’s, friendship with an older widower named George. Their unusual friendship helps both of them rethink their own lives and provide introspection. 

NYFA: Tell us about your latest project and how you got involved? 

FG: Right now, I am in pre-production as the 1st assistant director for the feature film Silver Star. I saw that they were looking for a 1st assistant director on a Facebook group and apparently had very good chats with the current directors and producers of the film. 

I’m also directing two music videos for two successful musicians from New York in the upcoming weeks. 

NYFA: What did you learn at NYFA that you applied directly to your short film and other projects?

FG: At NYFA, I learned how filmmaking works, as silly as that may sound. Television and film are so different in many aspects, so everything that I know is because of NYFA.

NYFA congratulates conservatory alum Florian Gunzenhauser for his great work, well-deserved successes, and the best of luck as Glasgow continues on the film festival circuit!