AFA Filmmaking Grad Becomes DP / Associate Producer for Revolt TV

May 6, 2014

Joshua Berry

Since graduating from New York Film Academy’s AFA Filmmaking Program, Joshua Berry has quickly climbed the ranks on Revolt TV’s In Harm’s Way, a music television show that consists of music videos, band interviews and performances, as well as interstitial segments with the host of the show. Josh is Director of Photography/Associate Producer on the show. Given the tight budget, Josh works with a small crew consisting of him, a sound mixer, and sometimes a freelance camera operator. Most of their shoots consist of a four camera set up: Josh will operate one camera, set another one up on a tripod, mount a GoPro for a super wide angle, and a B Cam operator. Not only that, he sets up all of the lighting and electric as well.

In his associate producer role, Josh is tasked with gathering elements that his editor requires. These elements consist of stock photos, pulling music for the show, and organizing all of the music videos that come in for the show.

“My NYFA education was definitely helpful for what I am doing today,” says Josh. “I run a set essentially by myself and I am partially able to do that because of the constant hands on training at NYFA, which taught me how to preform every position on a film set.”

As Josh continues to develop invaluable skills on set every day, he hopes to one day ‘tell a story’. To do so, Josh hopes to someday work on a narrative film or TV series, whether it be as a director of photography or director.