Catching Up with NYFA Athletics

September 9, 2015

Women’s Basketball Team

The New York Film Academy proudly recognizes our women’s basketball team, NYFA Jaguars, for making it to the finals this past weekend. Their camaraderie and teamwork paved the way for a 2nd place season end, with a final record of 8 wins and 4 losses. The team’s achievements and steadfast attitude are an inspiration to the entire school. The passion and leadership displayed by coach Kirill Yusim and team captain Talya Adams also deserve the highest praise.


The New York Film Academy congratulates the women’s basketball team on their triumph this season. The team displayed an admirable leadership and diligence that will carry through to all sports, and there is no doubt that we will come back even stronger next year.

Softball Team

The New York Film Academy softball team recently made history as coach Mikki Cronkhite led her team to the championship in their first-ever season! Our team was certainly marked as the underdogs this season, but the ongoing camaraderie and determination to excel at every game propelled them to take home the title! Coach Mikki inspired the players to develop their skills and, most important, the spirit of solidarity that is crucial in any collective endeavor.


The New York Film Academy is proud to have persistent athletes and coaches representing our school in the world of sports. Sunday, August 23rd, was a memorable day. On behalf of the Athletic Department and the New York Film Academy, we congratulate our softball team for winning the league. We are champions!

– Adam El-Manawy