Congratulations to the Winter Class of 2018 at New York Film Academy Los Angeles

March 31, 2018

New York Film Academy would like to congratulate another class of graduating students.

The end of a program is always a bittersweet time, as our students and instructors develop a strong bond over the many intense hours spent learning, practicing, and crafting projects, but before the winter class of 2018 walked across the graduation stage to accept their diplomas, the New York Film Academy celebrated all the graduates’ work with a series of final pres

entations. The day before graduation, all students were given an opportunity to show off their work for family, friends, and entertainment professionals. Filmmaking, Documentary, Acting for Film and Cinematography students held their final screenings at the Riverside Theater and on the Warner Brothers Studios backlot. Photography students had their work displayed in galleries throughout Los Angeles. Game Design students held a game night where anyone in the school could play their games. Writing and Producing students had evenings where they could pitch their projects to industry professionals.

The winter 2018 graduation ceremony was held at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Hollywood. The graduating class of 2018 was so large the ceremony had to be broken into two parts. Both ceremonies were standing room only. Families and friends came from all over the world.

In his graduation speech, NYFA Instructor Mike Civille asked the students to think of their education as a gift. He said, “You come from places near and far. You have treated each other and your instructors to your fascinating stories. In this process, you have joined the great filmmakers who have also spoken to audiences about what was important to them. You have learned a new universal language. It’s young, only 100 years old. It crosses both political and cultural borders. This was the gift of the Lumiere brothers and it has traveled all the way to you. Use it wisely to tell your story.”

The New York Film Academy would like to congratulate all of the incredible students who have completed their training here. We look forward to watching your films, playing your games, seeing your photographs, and celebrating your creative endeavors for years to come. Congratulations.

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1-Year Acting for Film

Frederick Scott Basnight II

Marlo Butler

Emmanuel Pierre Cartier

Undarga Enkhbaatar

Isaac Wesley Fairley

Gillian Griffin

Terrel Mollison

2-Year Acting for Film

Daniel Berry

Rodrigo Borges

Peter Gomes

Raymond Karago

Tiara Donyae Murray

Kurtis Potter

Taraiyasi Hans Prymwaqa

Matthew Robertson

BFA Acting for Film

Jazmin Hamilton

Luis  Cordoba

Zhiyun Zhou

MFA Acting for Film

Rajarshi Banerjee

Taylor Byers

Rebecca Cannizzaro

Rei Alona Kennex Crossman

Sumaia De Oliveira Radwan

Jason Dolciani

Anna Francisca Salles Marques Da Silva

Craijece Lewis

Lara Manatta Tenorio

Jaylyn Neal

An Thien Phan

Leandro Luis Pineda Torres

Aathira Rajeev

Amber Resha Satcher

Ke Shuai

Eric Slaughter

Lun Tan

Julien Webb

2-Year Producing

Reginald E. Luck

Nicole Zapata Quiles

MFA Producing

Johnnie Christopher Brown

Kimbra Essex

Xuan Liu

Bahaguli Rehemutula

Yosuke Sugimoto

Bakhytzhan Urakhayev

Liying Zhu

BFA Screenwriting

Zeyad Al Mutawa

Katie Clem

Seth Morton

Louise Nyberg

Patrick Kellam Lyons Stinich

MFA Screenwriting

Maria Androushko

Katrina Brown

Luis Alfredo Gonzalez

Luke Jarret

Harmony Kasper

Joseph Knable

Carmen Nelson

Shane Redding

Raul Ravindrakumar Sharma

Melarissa Benedicta Sjarief

Abigail Spencer

Adam Tetelbaum

Elon Washington

MFA Photography

Brittney Cathcart

Monika Sedziute

Yunzhi Wang

MFA Documentary Filmmaking

Hanan Higgi

Amjad Tkroni

Zhengyi Zhong

MFA Game Design

Nouf Bagazi

Grace Ogwo

Grettir Olafsson

Santosh Peri

Hetian Wang

AFA Filmmaking

Awana Morris

BFA Filmmaking

Ahmed Adil

Hamda Al Midfa

Ahmed Alghamdi

Lionel Allen

Saleh Mohammed Almalki

Abdulaziz Almughrbi

Faris Salah Beitar

Danila Butovskiy

Yujing Gao

Yaser Hammad

Wesley Garin Hobbs

Lingxiao Jin

Michael Moran

Muhammad Raheem Sultan

Victor Valerio

Paulina Zamorano Castillo

Marc Vital Guerin

Jialei Li

Yaonan Liu

Topaz Peretz

Yiding Xia

Federico Sanna

MA Film & Media Production

Praveen Albert

Oliver Berger

Mansi Nitin Desai

Qiqi Duan

Hongzhi Guo

Maryna Kovalevska

Katlego Makhudu

Natsumi Shibata

Brionna Sutton

Alessandro Turco

Donatela Vacca

Nihal Vasudevan

Chuning Wang

Ala Waznah

Bingqi Xue

Shipeng Yu

MFA Filmmaking

Khalid Ahmed Alsghair Ismail

Roque Banos

Siyuan Chen

Chaaritha Dheerasinghe

Travis Donald

Weilun Feng

Guoqing Fu

Jialin Fu

Yuanmei Ge

Tingting Hua

Shuntian Jiang

Hongdon Lee

Yixiang Li

Hai Yao Liang

Na Liu

Yiwen Liu

Jianan Ma

Sholpan Murabuldayeva

Anita Name Dos Santos

Guangtao Pi

Hugo Machado Salvaterra

George Savidis

Zicheng Tian

Jiewen Wang

Qiushi Xi

Yuanyuan Xu

Yuan Yue

Han Zeng

Shiyun Zeng

Haoruo Zhang

Hao Zhang

Yuqing Zhang

Jingwei Zhou