DOC NYC Screens Exclusive Lineup of New York Film Academy (NYFA) Documentary Filmmaking Department Shorts

November 7, 2019

DOC NYC, which runs from November 6 – 15, showcased the work of the New York Film Academy (NYFA) Documentary Filmmaking department in an exclusive lineup of NYFA short films on Thursday, November 7.

DOC NYC is celebrating its tenth year, after bursting onto the scene in 2010 that the Village Voice called “selective but eclectic.” With a mission statement to guide audiences toward the work of various artists—filmmakers, photographers, and more—and to help documentarians make the most of emerging technologies and the networking opportunities one can only find in New York.

DOC NYC 2019

The festival spans ten days at theaters across Manhattan, with an impressive multitude of special guests. Past guests have included Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, Jim Carrey, Thandie Newton, Susan Sarandon, Martin Scorsese, Itzhak Perlman, Michael Moore, Chris Rock, Michel Gondry, Errol Morris, Oliver Stone, Jonathan Franzen, and Al Sharpton, among others. DOC NYC is overseen by Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen and Artistic Director Thom Powers.

NYFA has collaborated with DOC NYC in the past, with the fest screening the work of several distinguished students and alumni at the precipices of their careers. This year’s DOC NYC U: NYFA lineup was held on Thursday, November 7, at 1:00 p.m. at the IFC Center in Manhattan’s West Village, running for 68 minutes.

Here is the 2019 DOC NYC U: NYFA lineup:

Ghost Villages of the Himalayas | Director: Kuldeep Sah Gangola
Despite encroaching leopards and relentless isolation, 89-year-old Ammaji refuses to leave her home.
(USA, 16 MIN)

My Dad Vernon | Director: Serena Smith
Vernon teaches Serena creative life-hacks while she tries to understand why he lives in his car.
(USA, 3 MIN, excerpt)

Mamá | Director: Lucia Florez
Chia joins her mother to research motherhood in the Andes, where they confront their own relationship.
(USA, 6 MIN, excerpt)

All I See Is the Future | Director: Nancy Dionne
A former drug dealer becomes a successful optician—until a mistake threatens his dream.
(USA, 14 MIN)

A Word Away | Director: Mollie Moore
For 18 years, selective mutism has kept Cosmo silent about escaping South Sudan—until now.
(USA, 20 MIN)

Get It | Director: Joe Cleary
Reem hustles to parlay street-dancing fame into a rap career.
(USA, 3 MIN, excerpt)

B-city | Director: Carolina Gonzales
Bhustak creates a makeshift hip-hop studio to help neighborhood kids escape violence in Bogotá.
(USA, 3 MIN)

Baladna | Director: Aya Hamdan
A Syrian baker navigates economic instability and immigration status to bring his family to Bahrain.
(USA, 3 MIN)

Epiales | Director: Anna Panova
Follow a photographer into the frightening universe of sleep paralysis.
(USA, 3 MIN, excerpt)

Unloved | Director: Nika Nikanava
The story of three women coming to terms with having fathers who abandoned them.
(USA, 11 MIN)

The Rhythms | Director: Nika Nikanava
In memoriam to a promising and well-loved filmmaker.
(USA, 2 MIN)

New York Film Academy congratulates the documentary filmmakers representing NYFA at this year’s DOC NYC and is elated to see their important work being appreciated!

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