"English Success Story by Park Kyung-lim"

January 3, 2011

Photo of Park Kyung-lim

New York Film Academy Alumni Park Kyung-lim has written a comedic response to learning English; Park originates from South Korea, and found her transition to an English-first society to have challenges. When Park returned to South Korea she found work on television and emceeing different shows.  She married, has had a child, and during her time on maternity leave and enjoying motherhood- she decided to write down her thoughts on being an American student- in her native tongue Korean- to alleviate the stigma of being an outsider within the USA, and to showcase the beauties of being able to learn and grow in both the English and Korean speaking worlds. NYFA encourages all of our future and past Korean speaking students to read “English Success Story by Park Kyung-lim” available online at Kyobo Bookstore.