Enrolling in Acting or Film School is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

May 22, 2009

Hello. As an New York Film Academy (NYFA) admissions counselor I speak to people from allover the world, who want to learn about film-making, acting, broadcast journalism, 3D animation and other programs we offer here at NYFA. NYFA is a very unique school and we are especially dedicated to helping our students in ways that many other schools do not.  I typically suggest prospective students take three simple steps when enrolling in our school.

1) Choose A Program

The first step to take is to peruse the website and decide which program you are most interested in taking.  Students often have a desire to learn about many different areas, but usually one interest wins out.  For example, if I am talking to a student who wants to be an actor and a filmmaker, they will usually be able to pick one over the other if I ask them directly “which do you really like more: acting or filmmaking?” Ask yourself this question if you are having trouble deciding, and the answer should become clear.

It is important to read through the program description carefully online.  New York Film Academy has very thorough summaries of our programs on our website, and most of the necessary information can be found here.  The more you know, the better equipped you will be to ask questions from our staff members.

2) Choose Length of Program & Program Location

Once you know the program you are interested in, it is important to consider the program length and school location that will work best for you.  You will receive an excellent education in any of our programs; but the longer the course, the more you will learn.  New York Film Academy offers the same high-quality education and in-depth curriculum at all our campuses, so you can choose the geographical location that attracts you the most – New York City, Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi!  Some students crave the hustle-and-bustle of New York City; some students want the sun-and-surf of California; and some students want an opportunity to go abroad to study in United Arab Emirates.

3) Apply

When you know which program you want to take, and where you want to take it, I encourage you to apply to the school and begin to make your plans to start off on your path toward your career in the arts.  Luckily, New York Film Academy has a very devoted staff, who are happy to help!  I suggest that after you have considered what path you want to take, you give us a call to discuss your plans with one of our Admissions Counselors.  We are always happy to answer questions and give guidance to our prospective students. You can apply online.

I think the most important step of all, however, is to come visit our school to speak with our staff in person and develop a rapport with our faculty.  We have a very approachable atmosphere, and really are happy to meet with interested future filmmakers and actors.  We will be happy to take you for a tour and have you meet with our housing, financial aid, or international representatives.  Give me a call at (212) 674-4300  x136 and I will be glad to welcome you to New York Film Academy!

Your friendly admissions superstar!

Brian Koplow