Mid-August Updates From the NYFA Broadcast Journalism School

August 14, 2017

In journalism, we always try to “get ahead of the story.” That is, not just report what has already happened but also cover what may well happen next. TVNewser had a great feature recently on how ABC News was out in front of one story by an astounding 38 years. In February 1979, Frank Reynolds — the anchor (presenter) of ABC’s evening newscast — wrapped up a story about a just-occurred solar eclipse with a unique tag:

“So that’s it – the last solar eclipse to be seen on this continent in this century … Not until August 21, 2017 will another eclipse be visible from North America. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world in peace. ABC News, of course, will bring you a complete report on that next eclipse 38 years from now.”

And he was right. In fact, a friend and former coworker of mine anticipates cutting at least one eclipse story for “Good Morning America,” ABC’s morning news/chat show.

Back in the 21st Century, BuzzFeed and Twitter have announced a new morning news show of their own. It follows successful Election Night coverage last November, and not surprisingly will reflect the attitude and style of these two digital information giants. What is surprising is how in some ways the program will be similar to current network programs, only with more attitude and edge. It was also be “linear,” similar to conventional television, as opposed to a “non-linear” approach that lets viewers pick and choose what they want.

On the other hand, CBS News — often seen as the most “behind-the-curve” operation when it comes to cross-platform distribution — has incorporated video-on-demand (VOD) functionality into their CBSN digital news platform. It can be watched either in linear or non-linear fashion. In addition, some CBSN content can now be seen on the main CBS broadcast channel as well.

Speaking of cross-platform distribution, here is a story that NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduate Grace Shao did last week for China Global Television News (CGTN). It was fed out as part of regularly scheduled linear programs, integrated into an online posting, and distributed across a number of digital social media platforms. It’s a pretty good story too!

We end this edition of the Weekly Update with good news about Evgenia “Genia” Vlasova, who many of you know as a classmate, a TA or an active freelance multimedia journalist. She can now add the title “NYFA Instructor” to her resume. Genia is taking the lead with the Personal Journalism course, and will also be teaching the 12-week Evening Broadcast Journalism workshop this fall. She came to NYFA with seven years of on-air experience in Russia, and combined that with all she learned here in the 1-year Broadcast Journalism Conservatory program. Tireless, upbeat, knowledgeable, talented, Genia is a great addition to the Broadcast Journalism faculty.

Congratulations, Genia!
(Picture courtesy of our regular camera instructor Daniel Hernandez.)